Olay Essentials Multiradiance Fluid

Disclaimer: I am acting as an ambassador for this project through SavvyCircle. I received this product free of charge to test and review however I am not being paid for this post and all my opinion are 100% genuine.


I’ll admit I’ve never used Olay products before, I remember someone telling me that “it’s what old ladies” when I was a little girl and that association of being old has always made me steer clear of the brand. I’ve been using this product since the beginning of January so I feel like I can you a proper review of this product.


What They Say

According to the product handbook supplied to all the ambassadors, Olay Essentials Multiradiance Fluid

  • Offers 24 hour moisturising for long lasting hydration
  • SPF15 UVA/UVB broad spectrum to help protect skin from incidental sun exposure
  • Skin pampering vitamin B3 and E and Pro Vitamin B5
  • PLUS natural light reflecting particles and mandarin extract. The formula helps revitalise  your skin’s appearance and give you a more radiant look.

Their experts say that you can expect to see a up to 70% more visibly radiant skin after the very first application.

You can buy this product for yourself at Boots for about £7.99

How Do I Use It?

  • Apply liberally and gently massage into your face and neck; as always avoid getting the product into your eyes!

What I Like

  • It absorbs into the skin really quickly
  • Doesn’t feel greasy at all
  • My skin feels so soft and smooth!
  • I really like moisturisers that contain sun protection. SPF15 is the minimum level of UV protection recommended by professionals to reduce the risk of skin damage caused by UV rays.
  • It comes in a pump dispenser bottle which means you always get the right amount, none of the product is wasted and it’s more hygienic then sticking your fingers into a pot.
  • My skin does look better, I wouldn’t necessarily say “radiant” but definitely brighter.

What I Don’t Like

  • The bottle doesn’t have a lid, the pump dispenser turns to a “lock position” but I found that this could easily be accidentally  turned to the unlocked position in my bag. I’d feel better if there was a lid but I guess it’s not a major thing.
  • The moisturiser is scented with mandarin but I find it has a faint whiff of those fake tans you get with the light reflecting properties. The scent doesn’t linger and it’s not that strong so again…not a major problem.

Overall I really like this product and I will buy it in the future

4/5 stars!


Quick, Fun Skin Care Facts!

Stone-age women used sharpened rocks and seashells to remove body hair.

Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk, honey and various botanicals to ensure that her skin stayed smooth and moisturised

In the middle ages women decided to ditch milk and honey and instead took baths in beer or wine in an effort to rejuvenate the skin.

Image, product information and skin care facts provided by the Savvy Circle. 






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Hey guys!

It’s been a while hasn’t it?!

Student nursing takes up a lot of time and hard work but I’ve decided to try and start blogging again.  My first post will most likely be tomorrow.

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year!

Special Offer -Argan Oil

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I went to see my family in France and then got caught up in the hectic sale prep at work.

But I’m back and for my first post I have a special offer for you all!
SPECIAL OFFER – 10% OFF a 100ml Bottle of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil


I think mosst of us have because dedicated oil users by now and what used to be a niche product has become so popular that high street brands are even getting in on the action.

Personally I use Pure Argan Oil which has more uses than the specific “Hair oil” that most places sell.

Pure Argan oil can be used on your skin as a moisturiser, to reduce stretch marks and blemishes and as an anti-ageing product. You can use it to condition your hair, smooth and to add shine..it really is one of those lazy “one bottle does all” products that I love so much. Perfect for taking on holiday with you or to festivals!

What’s better? When you use the link above you get 100% pure Argan oil, it’s ethically produced and every purchase contributes to the Marocavie Association which aims to help support the Argan communities in Southwest Morocco.

New Purse!


I got into university! They want me to start a whole year earlier than I expected which I’m a little nervous about but I’m looking forward to it.

To celebrate I bought myself a little present…a new purse!

There’s nothing wrong with my old purse but this one was just too cute to pass up.

It’s a panda purse!

It’s a little smaller than my old purse, it’s a handy wallet size and it only has 4 card slots which stops me from taking all my cards out with me and stops me from impulse buying…which is a big problem for me; if there’s a bank card in my purse I will use it to buy something random. My panda can only fit one bank card and my three loyaltly cards. Perfect!

The panda purse is £14 from Next.

I’m back!

Interviews are over, I don’t hear the results until Monday but I’m going to put it out of mind.

So, what have I been doing for the past three weeks (other than stressing out!)?

  • I’ve bought th cutest purse from Next
  • Styled my Next Olympic scarf.
  • Argued with Glossybox management
  • Argued with Glossybox customer service staff
  • Attempted to discover what the frick is going on with Carmine refunds.

There will be separate posts about all of the above but for those that have been tweeting me/messaging about Carmine:

  • I have been e-mailing Roxanne  from Carmine about refunds
  • As far as Roxanne was concerned everyone who was due a refund should have received them by now
  • BUT, she had no idea that Carmine were refunding the loyalty points (£5 per 50 points earned) until I  showed her the e-mail and tweets that were sent out from their customer services.
  • Roxanne is trying to get hold of their former CEO to discover if refunds are actually on the way or if we were all lied to.

on the Glossy front

  • Despite the e-mails and news articles that tell us otherwise…Glossybox categorically state that they have never had anything to do with Carmine
  • “We did not buy or merge with Carmine. Carmine does not exist”
  • A lot of people have e-mailed Glossybox with questions about Carmine as we were told to but we’ve all received the same answer which basically boils down to “Sod off unless you’re going to subscribe to us”


Blog Break

Hey guys!

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking a week or two off from blogging. I got accepted for an interview for a nursing course so I think it’d be better for me to concentrate on and prepare for that.

In the meantime please keep tweeting and don’t forget to add your links to the “Link Chain”.

oh…and if anybody manages to get their refunds from Carmine please can you let me know? Glossybox are now saying that the whole Glossybox/Carmine merge was just a figment of our imagination so I really have no idea where to go next.

Sunday Link List

As promised here are the blogs that are currently in the Blush Link List:

  • The Avon Fairy : If you want the latest news and offers from Avon then this is the place to go!
  • The Fairest Of Them All: Charlotte is really good at spotting dupes of popular, more expensive brands not only from the beauty world but also fashion.
  • Rachel The Hat: Super lovely blog full of cute outfits.
  • Midge and Lily: Not fashion or beauty but if you like puppies and pugs then this is the blog for you!

Have you read any good blogs this week?

Don’t forget to add your link to the list by clicking here

I’m supporting GB with Next

This post is for the Next Blogger network and is part of the “I’m supporting” campaign.

I received a supporters scarf to style an review, I did not pay for this scarf.


Next are one of the official sponsors of this years Olympic games (in fact they’re supplying the clothing and homeware required throughout the games) and to show their support they have produced two supporters scarfs – one for the Olympic games and one for the Paralympic games.

Both scarfs are beautifully designed and versatile to wear.

The Olympic Scarf

This scarf features:

900 FIGURES to represent the 900 athletes of Team GB and Paralympics             900 HEARTS to express the nation’s special love for each of them                            900 STARS to recognize that every one of our athletes is a true star                      National landmarks to represent the fact that the athletes are drawn from every corner of the land                                                                                                                60 HANDS to symbolise the 60 million supporters of Team GB and ParalympicsGB                                                                                                                    Each of the 26 Olympic sports is also represented, together with English roses, Welsh daffodils, Irish flax and Scottish thistles – plus the date of the opening ceremony.

All printed on 100% cotton.

The Paralympic Scarf

This scarf features a dynamic lion motif to portray the courage, talent and determination of ParalympicsGB athletes. You will also find 60 hands to symbolise the athletes’ sixty million supporters and a map of Great Britain.

Both designs can be bought at Next. The scarf is available in two sizes 50cm (£5) and 90cm square (£10). The profits from each sale are going directly to the BOA and BPA.

I have been sent the 50cm  Paralympic scarf which I will be styling in Part 2.

I’ll also be telling you how you can enter the “Wear it, Wave it and Win” competition so stay tuned (hit the subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss it)!



Lust List: Ballerina Flats

Ah! Completely got my days mixed up! .

Thanks to the bank holiday etc I was fully convinced that today was Tuesday. This Lust List post was supposed to go out yesterday. Sorry!

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I’m going away to France this summer and down to London in late August and I’m planning to do a lt of walking around cities.  I’m not a flip flop kind of girl and I’m definitely not the kind to spend an entire day in heels so for my trips I’ll be packing ballerina flats.

These days you can get flats in all colours, designs, patterns in fact sometimes it seems designers put moe detail into their flats than their heels.

Here are some that I’ve come across on the internet that have made their way onto this weeks Lust List.

Lust List: Ballerina Flats

I tend to wear quite nautical themed outfits when I’m in France so the top row features flat that would fit in perfectly with that style.

The second row features printed flats. Tribal, animal and geometric prints are huge this season!

Finally, nude and tan flats can go with anything. I could chuck these on with jeans, with a summer dress or wear them to work. Everyone needs a pair of nude flats!

Oasis flat shoes
$60 – oasis-stores.com

Oasis leather shoes
$65 – oasis-stores.com

Miu miu flat
$495 – miumiu.com

Oasis leather flat
$60 – oasis-stores.com

Missoni flat

Timeless beaded shoes
£23 – debenhams.com

Jane Norman leopard shoes
£10 – janenorman.co.uk

Bow shoes
£20 – debenhams.com

Blog Link Chain

Hey guys!

New idea time.

I’ve decided to start a Link List. If you haven’t heard of this sort of thing before then basically you add your blog name and people who come to Blush will see a list of links directing them to other interesting blogs like yours! You get more traffic and we all find new, great blogs to read.

I’ll post a list of all the links collected  during the week on Sundays and at the end of the month I’ll do a bigger homepage feature. If you have a competition going then let me know and I’ll put the info in the feature post.

I’ve been part of these type of “chains” or “link circles” before and they really do help to get your blog out there and opened up to an audience that may have been missing out on your thoughts and opinions.

I’m not doing this to bump my own subscriber list…you don’t have to follow me if you don’t want to (although you will get the feature posts delivered to your e-mail/bloglovin’ feed etc if you do).

All you have to do to take part is:

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                             2. Put a link back to this post on your blog so others can join in, don’t forget to tell me when you do!

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I look forward to reading all your blogs!