Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic.

You can see images and purchase ‘Think Pink’ here:

What it looks like

Round, pink ball in various shades of pink (changes from batch to batch) with three candy flowers on the top which also come in various colours. Also contains heart-shaped confetti.


What they say

“The reassuring smell of tonka and vanilla, with a hit of neroli lifts you up; all wrapped in a pink and frivolous ballistic to stop you taking yourself too seriously.


In the past this ballistic wasn’t vegan because of the ingredients in the candy flowers.  But now they are suitable for vegans – because when you buy this many flowers, you can ask for the recipe to be changed!! So now, when vegans aren’t thinking cake, they can Think Pink.”

How to use


Drop into the bath and watch it fizz away. The fresher the ballistic the more it will fizz. Please note that Lush bath ballistics are not designed to create bubbles but rather a light foam.

My Review


Slightly disappointed with this one to be honest. Usually I am the first to worship at the altar of Lush – I buy all their products, I converted all my friends into Lush users and I spent most of my final year of university happily chatting away to staff in the Preston store rather than attending my lectures. There’s just something missing with this particular bath bomb.

I’m not sure how old my ballistic was, but there really wasn’t that much of a fizz to it. When you buy a Lush product you usually get a ‘made on’ and ‘use by’ date, my bomb came with a ‘picked by date’ which was the 4th July 2011. I don’t know how long this was sat around for before that and I received it in August.

After hitting the water the ballistic started to slowly fizz and sink to the bottom of the bath. The water turned an amazing shade of hot pink which made me really happy but the scent wasn’t that strong and no foam was produced.                                                                                              

When I did get a whiff the water had a sweet smell, like parma violets and those little Love Heart candies. I wish the scent was stronger but again this may be due to the age of the ballistic.

I really didn’t notice the confetti until I drained the water away, the product description doesn’t mention that it’s in there and I couldn’t see it through the pink water. It seemed like a pointless addition to me- I didn’t notice it and it stuck the bottom of the bath.

In all, I’d give this ballistic a 7/10 purely for the colour it produces. If it had a stronger scent and if the confetti hadn’t glued itself to the bath I would have given it a 10.



I received this ballistic as part of a gift set from a family member. Individual ballistics can be purchased for £2.50 from Lush stores of via the website (see the link at the top of the post).





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