HAIR: Daddy-O shampoo from LUSH

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I’ve been working, trying to find a full-time job and basically been a little bit skint so I haven’t had the chance to buy anything new lately.

The latest thing I bought was Daddy-O shampoo. I should add a note here to explain that this shampoo is targeted at people with blond/silver/grey hair and I have very dark hair. I’m reviewing this on shine/volumising etc. and not on its colour enhancing properties. If any one has used this on blond/grey/silver hair and can add to the review in that respect then please feel free to contact me or add a comment!


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What it looks like



The shampoo is a vivid purple colour which is packaged in the lush clear plastic bottles with black cap and the distinctive Lush labels.

The shampoo is available in three sizes and price options. I went for the 250g option as I can generally make Lush shampoo last for quite a few months.

What they say

Item description taken from the Lush website:

“White or blonde hair types are usually fine and dry, so there is some extra help to keep the hair soft and conditioned, in the shape of coconut oil and seaweed infusion. He then added fresh lemons and limes – because he never wants to be a dull boy.Rose absolute, violet leaf, bergamot and cananga oil finish this shampoo off with a lovely parma violet smell.


What this all makes is a shampoo that is not just good for white-haired old granddad like Mark – but sizzling blondes everywhere can benefit also.”

I’m testing this shampoo for its shine and volumising properties rather than the colour enhancing  properties (although I’ve always had a random white streak near my fringe that I cut out/colour over). 

My Review

Okay, Lush has never been the cheapest of places and when adding to the basket I did hesitate slightly (£9.50 for 250g) Yes, you certainly can get shampoo a lot cheaper but in the long run I find that Lush does offer value for money, a bottle can last me a few months and there are no/very few chemicals in their products (plus no animal testing!)

When I first opened the bottle I was instantly hit with the smell of parma violets and the shampoo was an amazing deep metallic purple colour. I love the scent and look of the product so much, it really is fantastic. Although I’ve never used a product for blonde hair before I have come across them when I’ve washed my sisters hair for her and this looks so much nicer than the chemical filled shampoo you get at the supermarket. 

I wasn’t struck on the name. Although it doesn’t have an effect on the results I did get a lot of “why do you have a mens shampoo?” People saw the “daddy” part of the name and instantly thought it was designed specifically for men.


I followed my usual hair washing routine when using this product so that I could get a proper comparison between the new shampoo and the one I’d been using previously (Tresemme). I put a tiny amount of liquid into my hand and then rubbed into the roots of my hair. I got tons of lather (violet-coloured!), the scent intensified and my hair felt squeaky clean. I repeated this for a second time, this time massaging the shampoo into the scalp and down to the roots and then rinsed with clean water.

I then conditioned my hair with my usual Tresemme conditioner and thenblow dried my hair without adding any styling products.

I haven’t noticed any difference in volume but my hair has been fluffier. The shampoo hasn’t made my hair any shinier than my usual shampoo did and it hasn’t been any more manageable. The only difference I have noticed is the scent, my hair smells like parma violets for an entire day after washing which I actually quite like! 

My Verdict 

I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy this particular shampoo again.

Yes it looks nice, smells nice and leaves your hair smelling like you’ve been working in a sweet factory but I can get the same result from a cheaper shampoo bought in a supermarket.

For volume and shine I’d recommend the Seanik shampoo bar which is also part of the LUSH  hair care range. Loads of volume (thanks to sea salt), loads of shine (thanks to lemon juice) and has a lavender scent.

I give “Daddy-O” marks for colour, scent and value for money over time. 6/10

If anyone can add to the review then please feel free to comment.


3 thoughts on “HAIR: Daddy-O shampoo from LUSH

  1. I just bought this shampoo but I haven´t tried it yet (I have blonde hair) so I can´t give any review on it. But I bought a month ago the Seanik shampoo bar and I must say it doesn´t give more volume, in fact, after using Seanik all this month, my hair is really flat. I´m really dissapointed with it (but not with other Lush shampoo bars I used)

    • Yeah, I think it depends on hair type really with Lush shampoos so you have to try a few and find which one you like. I found Daddy-O a little too drying on my hair after awhile but Seanik put loads of volume into my hair

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