EYES: Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner

Image from the Soap and Glory website

What It Looks Like

Supercat comes packaged in a long, thin cardboard box in the typical Soap and Glory pink and gold/silver colour scheme and features the S&G vintage font and picture theme.

In my local Boots store the product was displayed in stacks of boxes piled up rather than stood up in a rack where you could see it properly. I’m not certain if this is because the store put up the display stand up quickly and didn’t have time to or didn’t put the stock out properly but I did have to search through the stand for it. If I didn’t have the time to have a good look I probably would have missed this box amongst the bigger products. Hopefully this is just a glitch as it is a brand new line that has only just launched in stores…I’m hoping that the stock will be put out properly and be easy to see and get to.  I’m going to go back and try out more of their products and to see if merchandising has improved.

 What They Say


 Featuring our unique INKJET™ colour release & Gloss–Fix™ finish to give a rich and intense colour. The foolproof marker tip creates two looks – Fine point for a natural look or thick edge adds a dramatic flash!

How To Use


 Use the tip of the pen to get a thin more natural looking line and to get in close to the lash line.

Use the side of the bullet to get a thicker, bolder line.

There are tons of online tutorials showing you how to use eyeliner to achieve different looks, my favourite go to pro is make-up artist Kandee Johnson and she has plenty of quick, easy videos up on YouTube; she actually shows you how to use the product whilst talking you through it…so much better than the slide shows that many people post up that don’t actually tell you anything! Kandee regularly posts up new videos about new looks, new products and little tips and tricks that she’s discovered.


My Review

As I said above, I found the merchandising of this product sadly lacking but that obviously lies with the staff in the Boots store who didn’t display stock properly (Boots staff may flame me for this but items were placed in front of the wrong shelf edge label, it wasn’t easy to identify products and the stand itself was small and crammed). 

Supercat costs £6 which is about the average price for a liquid/pen eyeliner.

The pen is pretty easy to use, if you can draw a straight line with a felt tip then you can use this pen. I found it was easier to control than the thin handles and awkward brushes and tips you get in the little bottles. It really is fool-proof and I’d recommend it to anyone who is just starting out with eyeliner or isn’t confident with a brush. I also found it far, far easier to produce the popular “cat flick” with this pen than I ever have before.

On first use I must admit that I was slightly disappointed in the colour, the eyeliner was more of a grey/charcoal  rather than the glossy, inky colour promised on the box. After a couple of uses though the pen did produce a carbon black line. I wouldn’t say it was an “inky” colour (compared to my previous eyeliner which was Collection 2000 liquid)  or that it gave me a “glossy” finish but I do like the matte finish it gives.

To test this product I wore it in two different situations: At a packed gig where I was crushed in with lots of people and to work.

In the first situation I wore Supercat on one eye and my usual Collection 2000 on the other. After the gig I checked my appearance in the mirror and found that the Collection liner had pretty much all rubbed off, the Supercat was still on (I must have looked pretty strange…thank god for fringes!).

In the second situation I put the Supercat on both eyes, drawing on long cat flicks; this was at about 9am. I didn’t touch up my make-up during the day and only had chance to check my appearance in the mirror after I got home at 6pm. The flicks had worn off a little but they weren’t smudged and from a distance of only around half a metre away the liner still looked perfect. The colour was still as intense and the line on the lid itself still looked as fresh as it had at 9am.

When I did come to wash my make-up off this eyeliner was super easy to remove, no need for scrubbing or special eye-make up removal lotion, it came off with plain old water.

Personally, this marker gives me everything I’m looking for and I’d give it a 10/10. Perfect colour, perfect finish and it really does last all day.

However, if were looking for an inky, glossy look I would have to give this an 8 or 9. I don’t think I could knock off too many points when everything else is perfect.

You can buy Supercat from Boots the chemist either in store or online (though last I heard they were having issues with the online purchase system. Soap and Glory are aware of this and are working with Boots to sort this out.)


I’m hoping to try everything else in the Soap and Glory make-up range so keep checking back!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions then please feel free to comment or get in touch via twitter.




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