Review: Soap And Glory ‘Glow All Out’ Pressed Face Powder

What it looks like

Glow All Out is available in 9g compacts. Glow All Out is on the shelves in a gold and pink cardboard box which has a punch out circles in the centre through which you can see the retro/vintage photography on the compact.

The back of the box features a photograph of the powder as it appears in the compact with the directions for use and selling points written around it.

The box has the typical Soap and Glory font and the Soap and Glory logo.


I had high hopes for this product but the compact casing let me down slightly. I expected it to come in a hard plastic form but it’s made out of cardboard which in my opinion makes it feel very cheap. If I have this in my usual bag and I get caught out in the rain it will get ruined.  The compact is a pale pink/silvery colour with the vintage photo/font theme on the front and the directions for use written on the back in English and French.

I was really pleased to find that they’ve included a little mirror; a lot of the cheaper high street face powders such as Rimmel don’t have them included.

The powder itself is pressed into the compact and is embossed with the Soap and Glory logo which is a nice finishing touch. It’s more of a pinky, peachy colour kind of like a blusher…not like my usual face powders.

How to Use and My Experience


Usually I would just dust the powder all over my face to give a matte, finished look but for Glow All Out, S&G advise either dusting very lightly over your cheekbones, jaw line and shoulders and using it as a shimmer powder. The website does have a different description which says you can very lightly dust it all over your face.

I tried both options.

Option 1: All over face: I started by putting the powder on my cheeks and then blended it out across the rest of my face. The powder did give me a luminescent finish with a faint shimmer. As I’m super pale the powder did make me look like I’d gone a bit crazy with the blusher.

Option 2: Using it as a highlighter: This looked better. I brushed a small amount over the cheekbones and jaw line which gave me a glowy, slightly sun-kissed looked.

For that reason I would not class this as a face powder and I would market it as a highlighter.

I’m not sure if it’s because my foundation needed extra time to dry but this powder did feel slightly sticky and yet dry even after 5 hours of wear.

I’m not sure if I would use this everyday as I get a more even coverage and  a better colour match with my regular Rimmel face powder but I may use it as an addition to/instead of blusher when I need a bit of extra sparkle.

I’m also not too keen on the price. Other products in the range come in at around £6-£10 and they have proper, sturdy plastic containers; this powder is £11 and has a cardboard container, okay it has a mirror but GOSH pressed powder comes with a mirror, applicator sponge and plastic compact for around £7 (plus it comes in different shades).

I love S&G but I don’t think I’ll be buying this again.

As a highlighter I’d give this a 7/10

As a face powder I’d give it a 4/10

**As you can probably tell, the camera on my phone is being extra sucky today so I’m going to fix the lighting etc and get pic added tomorrow. If I forget you have permission to bug me about it!**


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