Simple, easy Halloween nails part deux! Blood and Slime

Okay, all my pumpkins are carved (finally!) but during the process I scraped off half of my nails polish, rather than repair it I thought I’d clean it all off and do a different design.

This design is fairly easy to do and you can do it in any colour. I’m using red polish to make a ‘bloody tips’ effect but you can use oranges and bright greens to produce a more slimy outcome. Barry M do a range of neon nail paints that I think would look pretty cool for this look. 

What you’ll need

  • Base coat

  • Base colour – I’m using Barry M Black (47)
  • Top colour – I’m using Luna in Red
  • Top coat

How to produce the look


  • Paint a layer of your base coat onto the nails. This serves to protect your nails and some brands (such as Barry M) put nail hardener into their basecoats to make them stronger. Let your basecoat dry before moving onto the next step
  • Cover your nails in your chosen base colour. Depending on the brand/quality you may need a couple of coats. Let the polish dry in between each layer and make sure it’s completely dry before moving onto the next step. Don’t worry about spilling the paint onto the skin around the nails as you can tidy that up at the end.
  • Take your top colour and wipe off all the excess off the brush so you have the bare minimum on it. This will make it easier to control the design.
  • Put three dots of polish no further than half way down your nail.
  • Draw the brush up to elongate the dots and then join the dots together with curved brush strokes
  • Allow to dry before applying your top coat.
  • Tidy up any spills with a cotton bud and polish remover.                                                                                                                                                               

I’ll admit that I’m not 100% happy with the way my nails turned out. I borrowed the red polish from my sister and it isn’t quite bright enough. I think if I did use red again I would put it on top of a white base and use bright orange/green/yellow on top of the black.  I did this very quickly and maybe I’d spend more time on them if I did them again…or maybe not…Halloween is messy, I don’t think perfect nails would quite fit in!


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