Lush Buffy Body Butter

So, it’s bonfire night and I’m home alone 😦 . Rather than waste the night on rubbish tv I thought I’d have a bit of a pamper session so I’m nice and refreshed for work tomorrow morning – plus it’s getting colder which means that skin will start to need some serious moisturising to keep it looking lovely and smooth.

One of the products I’m using tonight is the Buffy body butter from Lush which looks like this:


I went for the bigger 200g block which comes in at around £9.95 online and in stores; Buffy is one of their cult products so they always have plenty in stock.

 Buffy contains ground rice, almonds and aduki beans which help gently exfoliate any rough, bumpy skin so this is really a 2-in-1 product. Cocoa butter and Shea butter are the standard moisturising ingredients and both are found in this block with the addition of Lavender oil which helps to calm and sooth the skin.

As you can see from the photo, Buffy is sold in blocks and comes without packaging and, as it’s Lush, it comes with as few preservatives and as many fair trade ingredients as possible.

The Lush website says that this particular butter was made to smell like sunshine and sun tan lotion. I really didn’t get that when I smelt it, I only picked up on the bean and rice. It’s not a smell that appeals to me but it’s not so strong as to put me off.  

How to Use

The new Lush website doesn’t give instructions on how to use this body butter, they have a “How to use” section but have filled that with the history of their product which doesn’t actually help.  However, I’ve bought this before and still have directions from the previous Lush website.

To use: wet your skin in the bath/shower and then rub the block of Buffy across the skin paying extra attention to especially dry/bumpy areas. I’d recommend that you step out of the bath, or out from underneath the spray of the shower to do this as you don’t want the water to melt the block too quickly, once done pat your self dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing.

The exfoliants wash off easily and the pieces are so small they wash away without difficulty and don’t block up your drain.  Be careful when you’re getting out of the bath/shower though as the surface may be slightly slippy!  Don’t leave the block in the shower or in a damp environment as again, the block will melt.

Lush do sell tins to keep their body butter blocks in (and usually you can get one for free when you buy two blocks) but they are only suitable for the standard sizes and are pretty useless for bigger blocks like mine. I let mine dry before storing it in a clean cosmetics case.

My Experience

I found that I noticed the scent of the moisturiser more once the block had been dampened and rubbed across the skin. Once my skin was dry I also noticed that my skin looked slightly better, it was smoother and brighter and with continued use I can see that the condition of my skin would be completely improved. I did feel slightly greasy/oily after rinsing but within 10 minutes of drying off this feeling had disappeared; the butters had been absorbed into the skin making it feel soft and flexible. 

A few people have questioned why I’d spend nearly £10 on what looks like a small amount of moisturiser but really I’m spending £10 on a good quality exfoliator and a moisturiser. And despite their appearance these block do last for ages if you use and store them properly. In the long run I’m actually saving time and money.

 I’d give this 8/10, it loses marks for the ‘bean’ scent and the oily finish.  


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