Winter Nails: Oh So….Shimmery

I had a little unexpected treat this week when we got a delivery of “Oh So…” nail polishes at work.

I’ve been reading a lot of glossy magazines lately that have all been raving about this seasons look: “snowy, frosty shimmery nails”, and no sooner had I put my December issue of Cosmo down did we receive a little box of “Oh So Shimmer”

The polish appears to be a white paint with plenty of silver/white shimmery particles.

Personally I’m not completely sold on white nails, every time I see them on people or in magazines I have flashbacks to schooldays where bored girls took to painting their nails with Tipex (red pen also made an appearance when England football games were on). But as the “Oh So…” range is only £2.50 I didn’t really have an excuse not to try it.


So, using this polish

  1. Paint on a layer of Base Coat.
  2. Allow the Base Coat to dry before painting on a layer of the white/shimmer polish.
  3. Allow each layer to dry before adding more
  4. Paint on a layer of Top coat.
  5. Neaten up any spillages onto skin with a cotton bud and polish remover.

Initially I had a paragraph written here about how one layer produced a lovely subtle shimmer that I found perfect for work and I loved that subtlety until I went into under bright light and saw that it made the tips of my nails look yellow so unless you’re going for the heavy smoker look I’d layer up a couple of coats of this.

Two coats produced a pearly light shimmer and this would be the minimum that I would ever wear out to work.


To get the same white colour as in the bottle I needed to paint on four layers.

I’m not 100% happy with this particular polish. For a subtle shimmer it is brilliant, but if you want snowy white nails (as seen on Avril Lavigne etc) you’re probably better layering this over a stark white polish. I don’t think Shimmer would be good for putting over dark colours as it isn’t a clear polish, it would look like you’d dipped your finger tips into a bit of milk; One layer of this would  look nice over a pastel or natural pink/peach.

Oh So Shimmer is available from Next. As far as I’m aware, they don’t have it online, but if you go into store they usually have the polishes by the till points or on the queue barrier.


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