The not so mystery hair care product

This isn’t about the super secret product trial I’m doing at the moment but is about a product test anyone could have signed up for.

Did you catch the Liv Tyler adverts for Boots that has been shown over the past couple of weeks? You know the one…she’s sat at a table with her fingers in her hair complaining about how awful it is (though it looked pretty darn healthy to me) she then talks about a new product that she says helped her hair look and feel better. Boots invited us to click onto their website and request free samples of the ‘mystery hair care products’ she used to find out what they were and to try them for ourselves. 

Spoiler alert!

Sort of. Let’s face it, they didn’t go to too many lengths to disguise the fact that they were advertising Pantene. Still, I’m going to need a new shampoo and conditioner set soon so I clicked on to get my samples so I could see if the new Pantene products suited me before I parted with my money.

After weeks of waiting (and thinking that perhaps I would never receive anything at all) I finally got my samples!


…..For a Herbal Essences shampoo that has been out for quite awhile now (despite Boots having put a “new!” sticker on the packaging). I know that advert was definitely for Pantene as lots of people received their samples this morning and they got what was expected.  Have they simply run out of the advertised samples and sent out what ever they have in the stock room or has there been a mistake?

 I have to say that I am slightly disappointed with what I’ve got.

I was looking forward to trying the new products and to writing a review for you guys.

I can’t complain as I’ve received a sachet of shampoo and conditioner for free but it seems slightly naff when I have two full bottles of the Herbal Essences stuff already sat in my bathroom from months ago.

Ah well, I may chase the Pantene samples but in the mean time I might just write a post about the stuff they’ve sent me.

If anyone managed to get the right samples and wants to write or share a post about it then feel free to contact me!


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