Party season Nails: 17 Chateau

So this weekend was party weekend and I found my perfect nail colour- Boots 17 Lasting Fix in Chateau. Here is what I thought about it:

What they say

“17 Lasting Fix gives glamour that lasts for 5 days of chip resistant shine”

Shake well and apply 2 coats for max coverage.

Where is it available from?


The 17 range is available from Boots both in store and online. Each individual bottle of Lasting Fix is priced at £2.99 and earns you 8 points on your advantage card. This particular finish is in 13 shades. It may help to look at the shelf carefully if you’re specifically looking for the Lasting Fix as in my local store they were mixed in with the Fast Finish bottles and once again, in a rush I ended up with two different finishes rather than two bottles of Lasting Fix.

I didn’t pay for this polish myself, I was given vouchers for completing previous product trials but I was in no way directed to or asked to buy this item.

My Opinions

Chateau is a beautiful shiny red colour, a perfect jewel shade for the party season; it’s similar to the deep shiny red colour you get in x-mas wrapping papers and baubles.

It looks more of a purple colour on the online swatch in my opinion so unless you’ve bought this before and know what shade you want then I’d advise you to go into store and actually look at the bottles.

You definitely need two coats of this to produce a lovely deep colour. One coat gave coral/ pink colour and I really wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out in a deep red but I left it to dry and applied another coat and voilà! Shiny x-mas red nails. I love this varnish purely for the colour alone. I’ve looked everywhere for this particular shade of red for years and really had never considered the cheap boots brand before, I just grabbed it on the way to the till in order to make up my purchase total to the amount I had vouchers for.

I woudln’t say it was a glossy varnish, I find it to be kind of a matte finish but there are particles in it that catch the light to give it a subtle shine.

Here’s the downside: 5 days of chip free glamour?

I painted my nails at about 1am on Friday morning so they would definitely be chip free for Friday evening but on the bus home at 5am I was already noticing little chips and more had appeared by this morning and all I’d done this weekend was fold clothes and eat dinner really. So no…5 days chip free is a bit of a fib unless people are just sitting around and doing literally nothing with their hands. A good top coat will probably also help prevent the chips otherwise you’re going to spend time filling in all  the little gaps,

The brush is pretty basic so not only do you need two coats to produce the colour you want but also to even out the colour. One coat will leave you with pale streaky nails and the brush itself may shed a little.

Overall, not bad for the price and brilliant if you’re only wearing the colour for one or two days.

PRICE: 10/10

COLOUR 10/10

SHINE: 6/10




I’d probably buy this again to use for a night out but I prefer to use a more expensive, longer lasting brand for everyday work wear.


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