And yet another purchase. Damn you Soap and Glory!

Remember that post and tweet I wrote about how x-mas was a time for buying for other people and not myself? I seem to have forgotten it pretty much as soon as I hit “publish”

My latest purchase is once again from the Soap and Glory cosmetics range (damn their pink beauty stands and their lovely vintage/retro packaging, I can never walk past it!)

This week I picked up the Show Good Face 2-in-1 foundation and primer. I’m a little dubious about the size of the bottle but as it’s two products in one for £11 I can’t afford to give it a miss. Judging by the state of my bank balance I am glad that the more expensive Chanel and Dior foundations that I was intending to buy were in a store further away than Boots. So far I ave fairly positive things to say about this product as do other Soap and Glory addicts.

I still have a ton of posts to write up (including Soap and Glory lipstick) but do look out for a scribble about “Show Good Face” appearing on your screen soon.

In the meantime:

If anyone has a spare $5.85million and wants to buy me Holly Golightly’s home for christmas I’d appreciate it.

…..No? ah well, a girl can dream!


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