17 Fast Finish Nail Polish: Gemstone

So, don’t expect too many positive notes in this post.

Ugh, I always try to find a positive in things that I’ve bought with my hard earned (or borrowed) cash but this polish has let me down

It was bought with the 17 Chateau that I posted on the 10th December, you can either scroll down on hover “nails” above to see a complete list of polish reviews. Readers of the previous post will know that these were impulse buys, cheap little bottles to get to a specified spend amount on a voucher.

Where To Buy

The 17 range of Fast Finish and Lasting Fix polishes are priced at £2.99 per bottle (8ml) and are found at Boots online and in store. You can collect 8 points on your Advantage Card when purchased in store and at the time of writing this post Fast Finish is on offer (Free gift when you buy two or more selected 17 cosmetics).

This particular line has 19 different colour options (6 more than the Lasting Fix) all from a “Gem Tone” pallet.  

What They Say

17 Fast Finish Nail Polish gives one coat colour in 60 seconds for girls on the go – Boots website 2011

Rich jewel and metallic colours were popular on the A/W catwalks and are ideal shades to turn to for a new season look. They are also universally flattering, so no matter what your complexion or colouring, there are eye and nail shades in this collection for any woman to treasure.’ – Vanesa Guallar Boot website 2011

My Opinion

Awful, awful, awful!

First things first: the color. Online it looks like this:

which I would class as a dark lilac/mauve colour. Never trust the online swatches! In reality the colour in the bottle looks more aubergine with what appears to be tiny gold particles in it to make it shine and catch the light. When painted onto a clean nail it looks even darker, the glittery appearance in the bottle is no where to be found and one coat looks extremely matte.

One coat does produce the full, strong colour but I would never stick to one coat of this.  Yes it dries very quickly but the texture is really weird…powdery, like you’ve had your hands in flour. It also goes on very uneven, I could still see through to my nail some areas. The only way to get rid of this and the texture is to apply another coat. A second coat doesn’t intensify the colour and it takes longer to dry but it evens out the colour, smooths out the texture and makes the finish slightly glossier. You’d still need a top coat to produce a high shine and to protect from chips.

Speaking of chips; I painted this onto my nails on Saturday night ready for work the next morning…sadly I was ill on that morning so I never went to work, I just stayed in bed all day and slept but I still had to remove it on Sunday night due to chips and cracks. I couldn’t even take a photo of my nails they looked awful. 

The consistency of this is also not to my liking. Usually darker pigments produce a thicker polish…it’s why you notice your darker polishes drying up quicker than your paler /pastel polishes. This 17 polish is runny and gloopy at the same time, it’s hard to control it. The brush picks up far to much product and you either have to wipe most of it off (makes it easier to control but can be streaky when applied) or have a thick, uneven layer of paint on your nails. After having the brush out of the bottle for a few minutes I noticed that the polish got gloopier and if you put the brush back in and lift it out there’s still a string of polish joining your bottle and brush (like melted cheese). 

There are some good reviews on the Boots website but I’ve noticed that they are mainly for pale or pinky colours and they all mention that they applied more than one coat (which to be defeats the point of reviewing a one coat polish, how can you say it does what it promises if you admit that you had to apply more than advised?). There are also plenty of reviews that specify problems in texture, coverage and durability. It seems that 17 is a Marmite brand, you either love it or hate it. Personally, there is nothing about this polish that I like other than the price and for only £1 or £2 more I can get Barry M nail paints that do a far better job and are better value for money.

PRICE: 10/10

COLOUR: 4/10

SHINE: 2/10





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