Soap and Glory: Show Good Face foundation

Well I was intending to buy Dior foundation this month, I tried a sample and loved it; unfortunately I came across that damned Soap and Glory stand first. Dior will have to wait.

The Product

The product I’m reviewing today is Show Good Face 2-in-1 Skin Energizing Foundation and Primer. It features a “‘retinol – mimicking’ botanical rejuvenating extract & surface priming crosspolymers for a silky, liquid texture Long-wear LIGHTSCRABLE™ LUMINOSPHERE technology creates a supernaturally flawless finish. Plus superlight SPF 15.” Soap and Glory website December 2011.

Show Good Face is a liquid foundation, as far as I’m aware S&G don’t have a powdered or cream foundation.

This foundation comes in six shades:

  • The Fairest of them all (Blanche Neige) <-the lightest shade

The Fairest Of Them All

  • A Good Light

A Good Light

  • A Nude Peach

A Nude Peach

  • Naked in the Shade

Naked In The Shade



  • Golden Tan

Golden Tan

I’ve included the online swatches here but as my usual followers know, I’m not a fan of them, as with every online swatch they don’t match with what the actual product looks like; if you’re planning on buying any coloured make up go into store and look at it both in the container and against your own skin.

Where it’s available from

Show Good Face is available in 30ml bottles from Boots and Boots online for £11. At the time of posting the Soap and Glory brand is part of the 3 for 2 offer with the cheapest item coming free and each purchase of this foundation is worth 44 points on your Advantage card.

As always it comes packaged in a pink cardboard box with a retro black and white photo image on the front.


 Skin Background

Foundation is a funny thing, what seems extremely dark to me looks really pale on my sisters skin and we have kind of similar skin tones. Now I am super pale, I have a few marks and little scars but usually my skin is pretty clear and smooth; I also tend to have a cool yellow skin tone on my face…I’m always recommended pink based foundations for some reason but they never match.  I tend to switch between foundation brands every few months and I always go for yellow based liquid foundations in the palest shade available which is a Pale Ivory. I apply and blend foundation with clean fingertips. I apply foundation over a light layer of moisturiser and Soap and Glory Hocus Focus but for this product test I left the Hocus Focus in my make-up bag as it is included as a primer in the foundation bottle. A little Rimmel pressed face powder is finally applied to produce a matte finish and help the foundation stay in place throughout the day.

This is my skin without any make-up:

 Experience with the product

I’m not overly happy with the size of the bottle, it looks tiny and I think I’m going to get through this pretty quickly but at £11 it isn’t expensive to replace. I do tend to prefer liquid foundations as they provide a sheer coverage and are easy to apply and blend. This particular foundation has a more ‘runny’ consistency than others that I’m used to but it’s not difficult to work with.

I bought the lightest shade “The Fairest of them all” or “Snow White” which when looking at the online swatch looked like a pink based colour but in reality it seems to be more of a yellow based foundation.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as generally yellow based foundations tend to match complexions better. I do find though that in normal day light it seems to blend in to my natural complexion perfectly, but under strong light such as lighting in shopping centres, offices etc my skin suddenly seems orange/very yellow so I find I have to mix a bit of the foundation in with a moisturiser to lighten it up even more. Looking at other reviews there are other very pale people saying similar things, a slightly lighter or paler yellow shade would be perfect, until then we’re having to mix our own shades up.

*Note! You have to give this product a really good shake before you apply it in order to activate the primer, when I tested this in store I couldn’t really do this because the bottle had no lid so when I looked at the colour it seemed dark (for a pale shade) but once shaken it does look slightly lighter and less orange*

It provides really sheer coverage, if you have flaws, dark circles etc this isn’t going to cut it. Normally this doesn’t bother me but today I had a huge rosy mark on my cheek and it was still highly visible after applying Show Good Face, my old Max Factor foundation however covered the mark with only a light layer and made the skin look smoother. The box does mention that you should use tiny dots to achieve a natural, dewy look but for me tiny dots don’t really do the job.  Again, because it’s so sheer I’ll probably go through this a lot quicker than I do with my regular foundations, this is perfect for days when I’m staying home or only going to the shops/around my village but on days where I work I’m going to need a longer lasting foundation that provides better coverage and durability.  Reviews on sites such as StyleNest ( suggest using this solely as a base/tinted moisturiser and adding another product on top if you need actual foundation.

As you can see in this photo, you can still see a red/rosy patch and there isn’t that much of a difference between this photo and the one above where I have no make-up.

The “primer” seems to be exactly the same as Hocus Focus, another S&G product that has been on the market for awhile. It doesn’t really save me any money or time to have this in the foundation as I find that I still need to apply a layer of Hocus Focus under the foundation to smooth out my complexion and produce the light, glowy effect.  Basically, the Dior counter will be getting a visit as soon as I have any cash. I do love Hocus Focus as a standalone product because you can use it in different ways –on its own, with a moisturiser or with foundation-and it is this ‘Hocus Focus factor’ that produces the glowy look. If you want a post solely on Hocus Focus then let me know, it is one of my favourite items in my make-up bag and I can’t be without it!

I do like the inclusion of SPF, it means I don’t have to add another layer to my face in the morning and its inclusion will save me time and money. I always add sun protection even in winter to help protect my skin from the sun (even on cloudy days) and it is an important step in preventing ageing lines and marks.

PRICE: 10/10

COLOUR: 8/10



FINISH: 8/10

OVERALL : 7/10

BOTTOM LINE: I think I’ll buy a different brand of foundation and stick to using Hocus Focus as a separate primer/highlighter but I’ll definitely keep a bottle of Show Good Face for my lazy days off or on good skin days.

This photo shows what the ‘finished’ look is with the moisturiser, Hocus Focus, Show Good Face and a dusting of face powder.


4 thoughts on “Soap and Glory: Show Good Face foundation

    • Yeah I find that it isn’t quite as light as it shows in the online swatch. I think I’m going to mix this foundation with a whole lot of Hocus Focus to lighten it and use it as a tinted moisturiser.

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