Christmas haul! Coming up soon.

I hope you all had a lovely festive season! I haven’t really had my christmas yet (working in retail means you get no time off and it kind of kills off all your christmas spirit) but I got chance to open my presents and here is a selection of what I received and will be posting about soon. Most of them are sample sizes or smaller versions so I could decide whether I like them or not before I buy full size versions.

Please excuse the photos, I’m still trying to find the SD card for my DSLR so until I find it I’m having to use my iPhone.

Flake Away

I received the 50ml tub  of this scrub which seems like it will last me for a little while. Really simple to use and smells pretty nice.

Planet Spa hydrating face mask

This product is from Avon and comes in 75ml tubes. It’s a clear gel which smells really fresh and clean. I tested a tiny bit on my hand and my skin is now really soft so I can’t wait to use it properly!


Avon Shine Drops

not the nest photo sorry! I’ll replace it soon or have better images for the actual review. This is a hair care product from Avon, it’s a gel with tons of glitter in it to add shine/sparkle. I’ve seen these before and thought they looked amazing but the bottle I have has hardly any glitter in it. 

Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

I’m really not a citrus shower gel person but it’s only a small 60ml bottle so I’ll use it. It smells exactly like the Orange Starburst sweets!

Body Shop Satsuma body lotion

I’ll be using this as a night time moisturiser as I don’t particularly like citrus scents layered under my perfumes.  This matches the shower gel so it has the same Starburst sweet smell.

Fan di Fendi Perfume

When I first got a sample of this perfume I could really smell the leather which is why I wanted it, but with the full size bottle I’m kind of missing that. It’s still a nice perfume though.

O.P.I Muppets Collection

love, love, love this! I have been waiting for th Muppet collection since its release in November and my sister gets major brownie points for getting me full size bottles. This shade is “Getting Miss Piggy With It” which is a clear base with tons of red and silver glitter in it. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews for this lately saying “it looks nothing like it does in the bottle when you put it on your nails”, what people don’t seem to understand is that you need to use a solid base colour underneath it.  Trust me, it looks amazing if you use it properly.

This is “Fresh Frog of Bel Air”….seems like someone at OPI also has a love of Will Smith. Again, this is a clear base with tons of dark green and silver glitter and needs to be used over a solid base colour (unless you like using 8 coats of polish on each nail?)


and there’s more! There’s also a curling shampoo and conditioner set, a Soap and Glory shampoo and conditioner set and Flirty Curl scrunching Jelly (which I am going to buy in full size as soon as I can escape work, it is amazing!) 

Let me know what you want to hear about first!

I hope you all have a fun and safe New Years celebration weekend



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