Trend Alert! + Soap and Glory Lipstick review

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Now for the product!

My inbox has been getting inundated with blog posts and magazine articles about the latest trend for 2012: Red lips!

As far as I’m concerned red lips are always in fashion, I very rarely leave the house without painting on a look Snow White would be jealous of  and you know I’m ill when I turn up for work with natural or pale coloured lips. My make up bag is overflowing with lipstick/pencils and glosses  in various shades of red and I’ve just added another from the Soap and Glory range.

The photos on this post are from Soap and Glory, I will replace them and add my own photographs as soon as I can locate my SD card (yep, still missing!).

Super-Colour Fabulipstick



As usual, the lipstick comes packaged in a pink cardboard box with vintage font and photography. The barrel or casing is balck and gold plastic with the product name written on the lid in pink.

The bullet itself is embossed with the “S&G” logo which I think is a nice detail.


What They Say

According to the Soap and Glory website (December 2011):

“Featuring ULTIMELT™ lip shine & shaping technology, 3-D PLUMP™ peptide complex, Shea Butter, Monoi Butter & Vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide 2 (for aging repair and visible wrinkle reduction) help to give a soft, smooth, dewy, plump colour-fill pout.”
The box does have a warning on it written just above the ingredients which says: “Warning: Contains Carmine as a colour additive”
I’m using “Red My Lips”, I’m not certain whether this warning applies to the other shades (all shades are red) but I’d stay away from this if you’re vegetarian.
If you don’t know what Carmine is, it is a red dye produced from crushed insects-usually cochineal; it’s used in lots of products from food to cosmetics and is usually listed as additive E120 in the EU or is listed as Carmine, Crimson Lake, red number 4 or cochineal dye in ingredients lists so if you’re avoiding it make sure to check (brands don’t usually put a bold warning statement on their packaging like Soap and Glory have done).  

WhereTo Buy


Soap and Glory lipstick costs £9 for 3.5g and is available for Boots and Boots online.

Currently they only have 3 shades available:

SUPER-COLOUR FABULIPSTICK™Red My Lips: This is the darkest shade and is the one I’m using. The online swatch shows this as a deep, almost burgundy red. On my hand it looks like a raisin shade.

SUPER-COLOUR FABULIPSTICK™Perfect Day: On the little square swatch on the website this shade appears to be a stronger pink, almost coral. The bulletin the photo seems to be more of a natural pink. I think you’d have to go into store and take a swatch to determine which it is.

SUPER-COLOUR FABULIPSTICK™Naked Beige: Again, on the online square swatch this shade looks lilac, the bullet in the photo looks like a darker more natural pink.

I tried to get the square swatches onto this post but it won’t work. Check the website to see the colour differences!

My Opinion

I usually apply my red lipsticks over a base of deep burgundy/raisin lip pencil to help produce a deep colour. For this product test I’ve applied the lipstick to clean lips, not only to test the product on how it stands alone but also because the online swatch leads me to believe that it’s already a lovely deep red colour anyway.

I’d already felt how creamy and soft this lipstick was when I tested it on my hand and I definitely felt it on my lips when properly applied, one of the creamiest lipsticks I’ve ever had! It really delivers on the “Soft, smooth, dewy pout” claim. You can really smell the Shea Butter too.

My lips did feel plumped up and ‘pillowy’ and I didn’t notice that annoying tingle that you usually get with pumping glosses and lipsticks.  I wouldn’t need to use gloss over this as it gives a nice shiny finish.

The colour let me down. I was expecting a red shade but I got a dark raisin. In fact, if you go to the website and look at their swatch of “Naked Beige” that’s the colour I got with Red My Lips. You’d think that a brand that plays so heavily on the retro feel would bring out a bright retro red shade, sadly that’s not the case but the cosmetics line has only just launched and I hold out hope for a glossy red.

I don’t think I’d use this alone again, I’d mix it with a bright red to deepen the colour or as a base purely  for the plumping and softening properties.

PRICE: 10/10


SHINE: 6/10

EFFECT: 10/10


OVER ALL: 8/10

bottom line: This would be my perfect lipstick if only they could get the colours right. Please bring out more shades soon S&G! Beats some of the more expensive “plumping” glosses/lipsticks hands down!


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