Deborah Lippmann Nail polish/New years party nails

Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Razzle Dazzle

This is one of the products I received in my December GlossyBox. For more information about GlossyBox you can go to their website or read my post on December’s box by clicking Get Glossy in the categories list.

Razzle Dazzle is a dark purple base with tons of red/berry glitter for sparkle and shine.

What they say

Razzle Dazzle is a dark raspberry sizzle glitter, long wearing, high quality nail polish from the Deborah Lippmann Collection perfect for the upcoming Festive season” GlossyBox December 2011

Where to get it

GlossyBox users can buy this polish through GlossyBox or you can buy it from the Lippman website; More recently Lipmann polishes have launched at House of Fraser and I’ve also seen it listed on Amazon so have a look around.

How to Use

  1. Apply a base coat (to protect the nail and prevent staining)
  2. Apply one or two coats of the colour, allowing each layer to dry before painting on another
  3. Apply a top coat to increase durability, add shine and prevent chipping.

The Brand

I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of Deborah Lippman before the December box was released but judging by the millions of blogs posts it is quite a popular brand. I can’t yet say that there’s anything about these polishes that lead me to believe they are better than any others on the market, especially for the price. According to GlossyBox each full size bottle costs £16, the sample size sent out in the boxes would cost around £10 and that seems rather steep to me.

“Did you enjoy using the product?”

This is one of the questions asked on the product feedback survey and you’re given a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being that you hated it and 5 meaning that you loved it). I have to give this a 4, there’s just something about the brush that I dislike but that’s the only problem I had when applying the product.

Favourite Aspects of the Product

I loved the shape of the bottle, quite different from the usual plain square or round bottles.

The colour of this polish is lovely. A nice deep raspberry colour with plenty of glitter, perfect for the party season and I think it will be perfect with my work uniform.

You only need two coats of polish to produce the same shade as what is in the bottle although one shade will also cover the nail. It also dries fairly quickly too which is always a bonus as I can never keep still long enough to let my nails dry without smudging.

 In this photo I have on 3 coats of razzle dazzle without topcoat and it was taken 2 days after painting my nails.

Least Favourite Aspect of the Product

I would recommend using a topcoat with this polish, it has quite a matte finish and it feels rough and gritty without anything over it. Nothing major but if I had to pick up on something then that is it.

I have read on other blogs and reviews that this particular colour can stain your nails but as I havent removed mine yet I can’t really comment on that. If I do have problems I will post an update.

Would You Buy the Razzle Dazzle Nail Varnish Again?

I have to be honest and say no. The price is just too steep for me and I’m sure that out of the 100’s of brands on the market I could find something similar for cheaper.

Would You Recommend This Product To A Friend?

Taking the price out of the equation I would recommend this to friends but all my friends are on the same post university, recession hit budget and so I know they would also find the price a bit too high.

This polish came with a nail polish remover mitt which I will review in a separate post.


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