Debora Lippmann The Stripper to Go polish remover mitts

I received one of these finger mitts with the Razzle Dazzle polish in the December Glossy Box. You can read about Razzle Dazzle by scrolling down or clicking the nails category.

For more information you can either check out their website: or click on read my post on December’s box by clicking on “Get Glossy” in the categories list.

What They Say

“The Stripper To Go varnish remover mitt will remove all traces of polish for all 10 nails in an instant. Such a ‘handy’ little travel tool you will wonder how you ever lived without it.” GlossyBox website December 2011

Where to Get It

Glossybox doesn’t have a link to buy the mitts on their website however you can buy them in packs of 6 finger mitts from House of Fraser for £14.00.

How to use

Place the mitt on your index finger and sweep the mitt over the rest of your nails rubbing gently to remove all traces of polish.

The Brand

I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of Deborah Lippman before the December box was released but judging by the millions of blogs posts it is quite a popular brand. I can’t yet say that there’s anything about these mitts that lead me to believe they are better than any others on the market, especially for the price. According to GlossyBox each pack costs £14 and that seems rather steep to me.

Did you enjoy using this product?

Honestly, no. The mitt was throughly soaked with polish remover which dripped all over the place and although the packaging says “lavender scented” all I got was the strong regular polish remover smell.

The mitt also didn’t come close to removing polish on all 10 nails, in fact it barely got polish off one hand. Perhaps it was a mistake to send these out with such a glittery nail varnish as glitter is notoriously difficult to remove. The material of the mitt kept catching on the glitter particles so I had strands of cotton hanging off each nail and it took ages to remove polish in general.

Favourite Aspects of The Product?

I did like the convenience of this product. I wouldn’t use these all the time as it would be far too expensive and time consuming; I would keep a pack in my bag or in my locker for those times when a nail or two chips when I’m out and about and they need to be repainted.

Least Favourite aspects of the product?

The price is far too steep. I could cut the fingers off those cheap disposable cotton gloves you can get at the pharmacy and soak them in as much polish remover as I want for under £5.

It didn’t remove all of the polish that it was sent with which seems pretty useless and it took far too long to remove the traces that it did. Plus having cotton strands attached to your nails isn’t such a brilliant look. I tried to look at House of Frasers reviews of this product to see if I was judging it too harshly but the only positive review came from a member of their own staff so I find it difficult to trust.

Would you buy this product again?

This is one of those products I wold stay away from in future; Even if it did work  the price is still ridiculously high.

Would you recommend this product to your friends?

I really wouldn’t recommend these mitts to anyone, even the convenience factor can be replicated by the small pots of remover pads from Superdrug etc, which are the same diameter as a vaseline tin and can fit easily into your bag or pocket.


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