L’Oreal EverStrong reconstruct hair care system. (New to UK!)

You may remember a few months ago that I tested a hair care system but I couldn’t tell you what is was or which brand it was for. Well I can finally tell you what the mystery shampoo and conditioner is!

I recently took part in a panel put together to test the L’Oreal Everstrong No Sulphate hair care system for fragile and brittle hair.  As I understand it, this shampoo and conditioner is already available in America and is due to launch in the U.K. soon; L’Oreal are currently selling the shampoo on Amazon.co.uk for nearly £10 per bottle but I haven’t seen in anywhere else as of yet.

“Especially designed for the most delicate hair. The luxurious experience, with botanical oils. Respects the hair.”

I’m not sure why I was chosen to test the “Fragile and Brittle” shampoo and conditioner as I wouldn’t really say my hair falls into that category. I have a few split ends and my hair is quite fine but not necessarily fragile. I probably would have been better testing the Body products.


The products are presented in mint green coloured squeezy plastic tubes with the brand name and product name written on the front in a large purple coloured font.  The shampoo has a clear plastic flip lid whereas the conditioner  has a purple flip lid which makes it easier to identify which bottle is which when you’re washing your hair.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are white in colour and have a thick consistency.


I tested this system against the claims made on the leaflet I received in the tester box.

Sumptuous Sensorial Experience:

The bottles and leaflet both promise a “rich and high foaming  shampoo” which it definitely delivers on. The lather is more creamy than frothy which I prefer. It feels like a Lush shampoo which is my usual brand.

Aromatic fragrance? Hmmm I’m not so certain. Both shampoo and conditioner have quite a subtle scent which is nowhere near as powerful as other brands such as Lush, Herbal Essences, and Treseme etc. The Scent does intensify once you start to work the product into your hair but it’s still very subtle.

The scent itself (rosemary and juniper) is very herbal and reminds me of medicated/anti dandruff shampoos…not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not a scent I particularly like when using hair/beauty products. I also wouldn’t agree with L’Oreal that the herbal scent is “energising”.

Reinforcing system with conditioning ingredients:

The products are designed to revitalise the look of hair and make it feel stronger. My hair did look shiny but not particularly stronger. In fact I noticed more hair coming out on my brush than usual. My hair was quite knotty after washing and it took awhile to brush them out, really it felt like I was undoing all of the strengthening work the products had done. Perhaps I should brush my hair out more thoroughly before washing to help prevent the problem.

The leaflet says that only a small amount of conditioner should be used and I stuck by the instructions I was sent to ensure that I tested the product properly. Using my usual small amount of conditioner I combed the Everstrong through the lengths and ends of my hair, left it for 2 minutes and then rinsed. While I’m happy with how shiny the conditioner left my hair I was expecting it to leave it softer; the ends feel particularly dry and I would have to use more than the recommended amount to get the usual softness achieved with my regular conditioner.  I had a quick look on the American review site and it seems that quite a few people are also reporting the same thing: “not enough, getting through the conditioner way before the shampoo bottle is half empty”, “turned my hair to straw”, “horrible smell” (although they say that the scent is too strong).

Saying that, my hair didn’t feel weighed down by product and hopefully using more conditioner will solve the initial problems that I’ve discovered.

All in all, this system seems a bit average to me. Lush have long been producing hair care systems that reduce the amount of surfactants and they produce better results with nicer, stronger scents.

I wasn’t informed of the ‘on shelf’ price but if it works out cheaper than Lush or if I suddenly ran out of my usual brands I would consider switching for awhile.


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