New Season Work Wear

Christmas is over, the sales are coming to an end and I’m ready for a change. For me this means changing my wardrobe. As you’ve probably noticed most of the high street stores are bringing in their Spring/Summer  stock already so there’s no excuse to still be in your thickest of winter warmers.

My mission for this month is to find more work clothes. I work for Next so my uniform has to be updated every season. Luckily Next have bought out some brilliant key pieces this season. What I’m looking for in particular are pieces that will fit with things I already have, things that will refresh the look of those skinny trousers I’ve practically lived in since September. Something simple such as a new blouse or a new accessory can completely change the look of your existing wardrobe and give it a new lease of life.

 First thing I’m going to look at is this white wrap blouse:

Signature Silk Wrap Blouse

I’m going to be wearing this with my skinny black trousers for a classic work wear look.  White blouses are so versatile so I could also pair this with a skirt, jeans and for an alternative work look I could pair it with grey wide leg trousers. This shirt with pretty much go with anything.

For a more smart casual look I’m going to buy a pair of smart chinos. extremely ‘on trend’ and available in all sorts of colours from bright and summery  to more neutral and earthy tones they are perfect for the new season and should take you right through to Autumn.

Smart Chinos 

I’ll be buying them in this ginger colour and in  black/navy.

And I’ll be pairing them with plain but colourful tops such as this zip pocket top in navy and coral

Zip Pocket Top

I could actually also pair the white blouse with the chinos too!

All these items are versatile, you can mix them in with your current wardrobe and they’re easy to accessorize and they’re not too “office wear” so you can wear them out of work too!

Look out for my next work wear post where I’ll be uploading pictures of what I’ve bought and how I’ll be wearing it.

Apologies for the small pictures, you can only get the small pictures from the Next website and resizing them ruins the image so you can’t tell what on earth you’re looking at!

Here are the links to each item:

Blouse:×49 £68

for a cheaper alternative I’ll also be looking at this zip pocket white blouse:×49 £28

Chino: £30

Top: £12

You can order any item from the directory for next day delivery if you order before 9pm. You can also have your items delivered to store for free.

Don’t forget you can also come into store and order your items for next day delivery (£2.99) or store delivery (takes 3-4 days) without any extra charge.


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