Home Hair Straightening Kit – the test

I received lots of hair products designed for curly hair for christmas so what was the first product I got to test this year?

A home straightening kit. I wasn’t really looking to test these as I have embraced my natural wavy/curly mess (think Hermione Granger hair) and was looking forward to using all the curling goodies I got in December. But hey ho.

Todays post is an introduction so be sure to check back for the results!

The kit I’m testing is Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight and Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

I have no idea how much this costs as I received this as part of a research test.

I am not being paid to test this product.

This particular kit is designed for coloured hair but I’m one of the people who is testing it on virgin, untreated hair.  I haven’t really heard of anyone who has used one of these kits so I can’t say if they work or not. I’ve seen them before but been on the fence….they may work but the results won’t last very long kind of thing.

My Hair

My hair is shoulder length and isn’t very curly but it is very wavy with curly patches. It’s quite fine but is in good condition. From the photos on the back of the box I’d identify with the middle image most.

Patch test

The kit requires a skin patch 48 hours before use, admittedly I never do this usually but as I’ve never used this kind of product before I’m going to do one for this.

The patch test requires a small amount of product from  bottle 1 and bottle 2 to be placed on the wrist with the product from bottle 2 washed off after five minutes and  the bottle 1 product washed off after 20 minutes.

Contents/First impressions


The product does have a chemical smell, kind of like hair dye or the smell you get when you first step into your hair dressers but it wasn’t too strong during the patch test.

The product from the first two bottles are both white and creamy. I think I would prefer if their bottles were different colours as I could easily pick up the wrong bottle. I do like the fact that the development time is on the front of the bottles on large font, I have been in situations before where I’ve put something on my hair and then panicked 10 minutes later about development time and had to squint at tiny font on the back of a bottle.

I did like the black gloves and the comb. Usually home dye kits etc come with clear plastic gloves in one size (that would only fit a giant) which in my opinion make it difficult to move the product evenly through the hair. This kit comes with proper vinyl gloves that fit and they’re black so you can tell if they’ve been ripped anywhere.  The comb is big enough and strong enough to detangle and move the product through the hair easily, again, most kits I’ve seen before either have a cheap comb that isn’t fit for purpose or has a comb attachment for the bottle that gunks up easily and isn’t designed to detangle.

My patch test is done and so far so good. No reaction at all. I’m still not 100% convinced that this will work, mainly due to the third photo on the box; if this is designed to straighten curly hair I’d expect it to do that and not just de-frizz as there are already a ton of products on the market to do that already.


Ah! My sister received the same product to test and gave it a go straight away. Think I’ll have to do my hair when the house is empty as the kit stank the house out with a disgusting chemical smell; I seriously thought the puppy had, had an ‘accident’ somewhere. gross. Not looking forward to smelling it again to be honest.


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