Blink + Go Hi Definition Mascara

This is one of the products I received in the December 2011 GlossyBox. For more information about GlossyBox you can check out their website or click “Get Glossy!” on my categories list on the right.

January is rumoured to be another Special Edition Box so make sure to subscribe for that one!

What they say

“Longer, thicker, sexier… give your natural lashes a stunning, flake-free, waterproof boost”Glossy Box website December 2011

Where to Get it

GlossyBox users can purchase through their website or you can buy this mascara at for £12.95 (although the GlossyBox menu card states that this retails for £14.99).

The Brand

I haven’t really heard of the Blink+Go brand before, I’ve come across it in passing but never really paid any attention to it. I usually buy my mascaras from department stores or Boots and the brand has never been available in any of the stores I go to.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how much did you enjoy this product? (1=not at all, 5=loved it!)

Well, it’s mascara…there’s not that much I can really do with it so I have to say 5.

What was your favourite aspect of the product?

I have to say I loved it completely. The brush is just the right size, not too big and clumsy, not to small and fiddly and it’s a good old regular brush not one of those awkward curved or shaped brushes that all the high street brands are bringing out. It’s also slightly angled to help you to reach those little lashes you usually miss.

The packaging is nice, not too fussy again more classic than the new brightly coloured, oddly shaped bottles that other brands are filling the shelves with. I’d be quite happy to have this in my mini make-up bag that goes everywhere with me.

It has a nice effect. I noticed that my lashes looked blacker than ever although it doesn’t have the same lash extending effect that my Max Factor mascara has. I’ll probably use this over a base coat of the Max Factor to get the look I’m after.

You can definitely tell that this is a quality mascara, I wore this on clean lashes for work during the Boxing Day sales. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced working a sale day but it’s hot, sweaty, you’re running around all day and there’s a danger of constant elbows and coat hangers to the face; despite all this and a walk home in the pouring rain I managed to get through the day without a single flake of mascara, no panda eye and runs. I’ve been rubbing my eyes all day and there’s no smudging, I can feel the coat of mascara when I touch my lashes with my fingers but the lashes themselves don’t feel at all weighed down.

It does seem wetter than any other mascara I’ve used so it’s super easy to smudge when just applied. I also find that I end up with little dots of mascara under  my eyebrow from where the tips of my lashes have touched the skin and similarly with the bottom lashes but it’s easily cleaned up and once you’ve got the hang of making sure you have only a tiny amount of product on the wand it gets better.

To remove this mascara all I needed to do was gently wipe across my eye with some warm water; it came off really easily in the shower where there was plenty of steam and heat; It also comes off in flakes rather than smudges so no matter how much water I splash onto my eyes I don’t get the panda effect.

Would you buy this mascara again?

Without a doubt. This is instantly one of my favourites and with a thin base coat of Max Factor mascara applied beforehand this could be my perfect mascara!

Would you recommend this to a friend?

Yes. At £12.95 it is decently priced and if I love the effect it gives I’m sure they (and you!) would love it too. Maybe they could introduce a brown shade though for fairer people or for people who don’t like the intense black look.


3 thoughts on “Blink + Go Hi Definition Mascara

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