The Home Hair Straightening Kit and Why I won’t be using it.

A few days ago I posted about a Charles Worthington home hair straightening kit to try. I did not pay for this product and I was not being paid to test it. To read about the product click the “Hair Care” category or if you’re reading this on the home page just scroll down a little.

In my last post I had gotten to the ‘patch test’ stage; I had to apply the product to my skin and leave for a few days to see if there was any adverse reaction. At first I didn’t notice anything but when I went to sleep that night I could not stop scratching my arm, my skin was so itchy! It got so bad I had to take two different anti-histamine tablets to try and reduce the irritation and a sleeping tablet to knock me out because without it I would have been awake and irritated all night.

My skin isn’t sensitive, I can switch washing powders, body products and medications without any problems so if you’re trying one of these kits (whether it’s from the CW brand or not) I strongly recommend that you do a patch test first. Maybe it’s because of a certain chemical or the strength of the chemicals in the kit but I won’t be touching this again.

So that’s the end of my involvement with the product but my sister also got this kit and she gave it a go. The following post is written by me and consists of my observations and her remarks about the kit she tested.

Sophie’s Hair

Sophie has wavy hair, not as curly as mine but it is slightly thicker. Sadly I don’t have any photographs of her I can add but I’d associate her with the first picture on the back of the kit box.

Her hair is in very good condition, she had it cut only 2 weeks before the trial at the most.

Favourite aspect of the product


I’d have to say that the most favourable aspect of this product was the simplicity. The instructions were straightforward and Soph was able to go through the entire process without needed an extra hand or having to have the instructions in front of her the entire time.

Least favourite aspect of the product

Well, firstly it stinks to high heaven. It’s absolutely horrific, worse than any hair dye kit I’ve ever used, stronger and worse than any cleaning product I’ve ever used. It honestly smells like something I would have used in the lab.

Soph used this in the bathroom with the door shut, windows open and it still stank the entire house out. I was downstairs and I was choking on the fumes!

After rinsing her hair out the smell was still very noticeable on her hair when standing a few feet away from her. My sister has shoulder length hair; a friend of ours with long, thick hair also tried the kit and her hair had an even stronger smell which was very noticeable.

By the end of the next day Soph’s hair looked really greasy and she had to wash it. This goes against the instructions which tell you not to wash or tie your hair back for at least 48 hours after applying the product. This just wasn’t possible to adhere to. The place where my sister works insists that all employees with mid-length/long hair should tie it back and in every job employers want their staff to appear well groomed and hygienic; going into work with smelly, greasy hair is just a no-no and my sister wasn’t willing to risk a disciplinary for the sake of this product test.

Would you buy this product?

No. I was already a bit on the fence about this after the patch test but after observing my sisters results I will be staying well clear.

I must say that even a few hours after applying the product there was no difference in straightness to her hair. It still had waves and flicks and in fact it gave her so many fly aways it looked as though her hair had tons of split ends.

Would you recommend this product?

I would not recommend this to anyone unless you have used something similar in the past or have knowledge of how to use them (and an empty house!).

The Bottom Line

I think I will be sticking to using heated hair stylers/straightening irons and if I ever get the urge to chemically straighten I will be leaving my hair in the hands of the professionals. It may work out more expensive but professional hair dressers know which chemicals to use and how much your hair can take.


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