O.P.I Fresh Frog of Bel-Air

This polish makes me think more of Will Smith and Fresh Prince more than the Muppets but never the less it is part of the 2011 Holiday collection released by O.P.I in November of last year.

I received this shade as a Christmas present from my little sister and have been using it from around the end of December.

What it is.

  • Clear base
  • Green Glitter
  • Silver Hexagonal glitter pieces.

 I’d say it was a mid to dark shade of green; I tried to include photos of the polish in artificial light and natural light but at the minute it doesn’t look or feel like the sun is actually rising in my village. I honestly can’t wait for summer!

Where to get it.

 My sister bought my O.P.I polishes from the Amazon website, I looked them up on that site this morning and they are showing as ‘unavailable’. The Muppets collection is a of course a limited edition so I find it doubtful that their stock will be replenished any time soon.  There are plenty sites across the internet that sell O.P.I polishes and I have seen then in ‘Sally’s’ stores.

 I have heard that ‘dupes’ of this polish are available in Body Care so I may have to investigate that and let you know!

On a scale of 1 to 5 how much did you enjoy this product? (1=not at all, 5=loved it!)

I have to give this a four.

On it’s own it takes roughly 3 to 4 coats to cover the nail and give an opaque colour but it can be layered over different shades to add depth to the colour or to add glitz and sparkle to your chosen base colour.

Sometimes you need to spend a couple of minutes carefully moving the larger pieces of silver glitter around so they’re not clumped up in one blob on your nail.

It dries fairly quickly which is a big plus in my book but it is a glitter polish so removal takes a little longer than it does for your bog standard plain colours. I usually pour some remover into the bottle lid and soak each nail in the lid for a few minutes before wiping over with tissue/cotton balls and this makes things easier.

Personally, I’m not sure if this shade of green is my colour and I may just use one or two coats of this over a dark green just to add a bit of sparkle to plainer coats.

I usually put a couple of coats of this over either a plain black or a dark green such as this one:

Green with Envy from Rimmel. This just adds depth to the colour and fills in any small patches where the glitter hasn’t covered.

What was your favourite aspect of the product?

  • Glitter! I have never been able to resist it. I pretty much used to collect those little bottles of craft glitter when I was younger.
  • It’s a nice bright shade, it definitely stands out.
  • Perfect for party seasons
  • Will be perfect for St Patrick’s day

Would you buy this Polish again?

I would definitely buy an O.P.I glitter again but I wouldn’t buy this particular shade.It is lovely and sparkly but it’s just not my colour and doesn’t suit my skin tone or the clothes I wear.

It would be fine for a weekend polish but I also work at the weekend and this particular colour just isn’t work friendly for me; however, the glittery reds from the collection aren’t as ‘loud’ and I could quite happily wear it in my workplace. Perhaps it’s because this particular shade has more of the large silver particles than the other shades.

The quality and finish of the O.P.I polishes is of a high standard and if they were a little more affordable I would have bought the entire Muppets collection. As it is, I’ll stick to buying on every now and again and using cheaper brands and dupes for everyday wear.

What Next


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