Soap and Glory Shampoo and Condtioner

I’ve used photographs from the internet for this post as my bottles have mysteriously gone missing (read: stolen by my sister) and the only photographs I took where on my iPhone and they’ve turned out pretty poorly.

I received the 50ml bottles of the Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner for Christmas so that I could try them before getting the bigger 250ml bottles.



What They Say


Give your moody mane the heave-ho, have a GLAD HAIR DAY with this Ultra-shine Daily Super Shampoo, from Soap & Glory™.

No build-up formula with raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol to gloss, smooth, repair and strengthen. For all hair types including highlighted and heat processed.


Thick and tired? Tame your mane with super conditioning GLAD HAIR DAY Intensive Conditioner, from Soap & Glory™, for full, frizzy or fried hair. Tame your mane with antioxidant raspberry fruit vinegar, natural candelilla and Hydrablast 365™ to detangle, gloss, smooth and strengthen.

Where To Get It

The Soap and Glory range is available in Boots stores and at

The mini bottles (suitable for travel or trial runs) cost £2.50 each and the regular sized bottles cost £5.22.

The Brand

I think my regular readers are aware that I’m a Soap and Glory fanatic. I find it difficult to walk past their lovely retro pink stands without picking something up.

Soap and Glory is a cult brand started by the woman behind Bliss Spa (Marcia Kilgore). The brand is well known for its pink, retro and kitsch packaging and lately for its cosmetics launch and “2 minute rinse” campaign. For more information see the Soap and Glory website; please note that you can’t actually buy their products from their website.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how much did you enjoy this product? (1=not at all, 5=loved it!)

I’d have to give these products a 3. They smell lovely and the conditioner is lovely and thick but they just don’t work with my hair type.

My hair is quite fine with very little damage. I can usually go for three days without washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner and just rinsing through with water but after using the Soap and Glory products I had to re-wash my hair the very next day.

I also found that I needed to use a lot of the conditioner, so much in fact that I only got 2 and a half uses out of the bottle. Perhaps these products would be more suited to a different hair type (perhaps a thicker hair type that doesn’t get easily weighed down by chemicals) but unfortunately I won’t be purchasing the full sized bottles. They do smell absolutely lovely though!  


Images and “What they say” information taken from the Soap and Glory Website.

Prices taken from and correct at the time of posting (26/01/2012)

Usual disclaimer applies (see footer)

Up Next

My plan is to use the Soap and Glory Flake Away scrub a little more before posting about it either tomorrow or Saturday.

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