NEWS ALERT: Ipsos Affiliation

This week I’ve received an e-mail stating that Blushes is now affiliated with the Ipsos survey panel.

What is Ipsos?

Ipsos is a survey panel. You sign up answer short, interesting surveys about a number of topics. Each time you complete a survey you earn a number of points which you can then put towards reward vouchers to use at a large number of high street fashion and beauty stores. The points add up fairly quickly, you only need 1380 for a voucher and each survey usually earns a 100+ points and I’ve earned anything up to 50 points for surveys I haven’t finished.

I tend to save my points and cash them in when I have expensive presents to buy for friends/family, to offset the cost of christmas or when I’ve had a miserable time and need a little treat.

From time to time you can also be chosen for product trials, I’ve previously tested face creams and household products for them; you get to keep what ever they’ve sent to you and you earn points towards a voucher so it’s a win, win situation.

They also have regular prize draws where you can win pre-loaded cash cards.

To sign up or get more information simply click on the link below or in the side panel.


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