Valentines Day Panic Over!

How many of us have had this pre February 14th conversation: “let’s not get each other anything for Valentines day this year”? Hands up! We’ve all done it!

Only to realise that actually….we are going to do presents after all. Usually this realisation occurs a few days or hours before the day and the panic sets in. Roses are all sold out, every pink or red flower in existence is sold out; shops are down to their smallest/scruffiest boxes of chocolates and only the cheesiest and rudest of cards are left on the stands. Then the panic really does set in and you end up buying something completely random and try to make up any excuse to make it seem special.

I’ll never forget the year I received a colouring book.

Soon enough you start to think that the following cartoon strip was based on your life:

And then there’s the big date. The restaurant is booked, the plans all made but you haven’t got a single thing to wear.

Well relax! Next have come to the rescue!

We’ve released a brand new app that helps you choose the perfect gift and/or outfit.

Answer a couple of simple questions about your partner and the app will pick out the perfect gift for them or put in what you’re looking for in your perfect outfit and the app will act as Cupids very own stylist.

Found what you want? No need to go out to the stores (especially in the freezing cold weather we’ve had recently), you can get next day delivery on orders placed before 9pm. Don’t forget, if you haven’t shopped online with Next before it may be worth nipping into a store and picking up a “First Time Surfer” card, just pop in your e-mail address and we’ll give you £10 off any order over £15.

Click this link to go the the  app. (I tried to embed the app onto Blush but the code isn’t compatible with WordPress)


No excuses now! And if you happen to be the organised one you can print this post out and leave it laying about in a convenient place or accidentally share it on his/her Facebook page/e-mail/twitter etc until they get the hint.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines day and if (like me) you’re not all loved up this season, take it as a chance to treat yourself to something pretty!


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