Orly Nail Lacquer in Ruby: The Removal

So regular readers know that after I post a review on any polish I usually follow it up a few days later with a post on how easy it was to remove. I’ve had a lot more traffic than usual this week and a lot of new people looking at the blog so I just thought I’d explain that you can find a regular polish post by scrolling down the homepage, searching the relevant category or by clicking the link below.


After discovering that Ruby had awful durability I decided I’d better remove it before I go  to work tomorrow; nothing worse than being helped in a clothing store by someone with awful chipped and scruffy looking nails 

Because it chipped so easily I expected it to come off fairly quickly too.  I removed this polish with standard nail polish remover from Boots.

It is one on the weirdest polishes I’ve ever removed. It doesn’t just come off onto the cotton pad like all my others do, it smears across my nail and my fingers. It looks like I’ve drawn across my hands with felt tip. I like that it comes off easily but I didn’t like that I had to clean it off my hands too!

The polish has also stained my nails far worse than the Deborah Lipmann varnish so I’m definitely going to have to re-paint my nails with something. If I use the Orly polish again I think I’m going to have to paint on a thicker layer of base coat.

Over all, due to the chipping and the smeary, messy removal I don’t think I’d buy a full sized Orly polish.

No pictures of the removal but here is a pic of my puppy who just couldn’t resist getting involved and subsequently spilled the bottle of remover across the laptop (which luckily survived!)


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