GlossyBox January: Weleda Cleanser + Toner


Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner

This post is about the trial size sample of Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner that I received in the January 2012 GlossyBox.

Please note that I am not a GlossyBox blogger, nor am I one of their ambassadors. I paid the full £12.95 price to receive this box.

To find out more about Glossy Box and subscribe for yourself please refer to early posts under the Get Glossy category or click here:

The Product

Weleda Cleanser & Toner costs £9.95 per 100ml.

The product is a creamy white liquid which basically looks like milk . I’ve tried to take a picture of this but it doesn’t really show up in photographs.

What They Say


Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner is a handy two-in-one pack ideal for travel. This soothing and cooling combination of Iris Root extract and Witch Hazel helps the skin to regulate its optimal balance between moisture and oil, as well as acting as a gentle astringent on the skin. January

The Brand


I’ve seen this brand around, read about it in magazines etc but I’ve never been tempted to try it before; maybe it’s because of the packaging? It doesn’t look like a lovely high end luxury product to me, it reminds me of the medicated stuff I used to have to put in my bath when I little. If it was in a prettier bottle then perhaps it would have caught my eye more.

I tried to get more information about the brand from their website but every time I tried to click the “About us” link I just got directed to random pages.

To Use


Use in the morning and evening. Apply to a damp cotton pad and rub gently over the face, neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye area. Repeat until the cotton pad remains clean. Then rinse the skin with clear water

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?

I gave this a 4. It’s a nice product with a lovely scent but due to the use of essential oils I don’t think it would be suitable for everyone.

What was your favourite aspect of the product?

I really liked the scent, in fact as many people pointed out it was the first thing we noticed when we opened the box, before we peeled away the tissue paper and dug through the shredded paper.

It’s quite a weird smell to me, kind of like pot pourri with Witch Hazel added to it. It sounds wrong but it is a lovely smell.

It does leave my skin feeling clean and soft and I particularly liked that it’s a ‘lazy’ product. Usually I leave removing make-up to the last moment before I go to bed and by that time I’m too tired to get out separate bottles of cleaner, toner and moisturiser; The Weleda product cuts out that hassle and honestly, my skin is so soft after using it that I’ve been leaving off my night time moisturiser.

What was your least favourite aspect of the product?

There was nothing that I really hated about this product but there were a couple of niggles. Firstly, you can’t use this to cleanse anywhere near the eye area which to me kind of reduces the whole point of it being a ‘lazy’ product. I still have to get out separate bottles of cleaner and toner to use on the tops of my cheeks and the eye area. This is due to the fact that Weleda scent their products with Essential Oils and you really do not want these anywhere near your eyes. Personally, I’d prefer an unscented cleanser/toner that truly is a “one step” product.

Secondly, and also due to the essential oils this product may not be suitable for everyone and I’d advise those with sensitive skin to either steer clear or dilute this further. I don’t have sensitive skin, I can change skin products, medicines, laundry products without any issue but the oils did make my skin itch a little. Again, for me, this would be perfect if it was unscented. Saying this though, I know that a lot of people received the FAB Body Cleanser in their boxes and were complaining that it was unscented. I guess for me, if it’s going on my face I want it to be as ‘clean’ as it says my skin will be: no scents, no unnecessary oils etc.  

Bottom line: At £9.95 for a combined product it’s not that expensive and I’d probably buy this again but use it sparingly so that it didn’t irritate my skin.  


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