Carmine Beauty Box: January 2012

Following all of the issues and disappointment of the ‘Valentines edition’ I have decided to leave GlossyBox and give Carmine a try.

I’ve had niggles about GlossyBox for awhile

  • They send the same types of  products out each time (face creams and moisturisers) and I’m not that kind of beauty fan.
  • You get multiple types of products i.e at times people have received 3 types of moistuirising creams in one box!
  • They don’t utilise the Beauty Profiles they made us fill in.
  • They over hype their product.
  • I’m just not excited at the thought of receiving another GlossyBox because I know it will just be filled with another cream of some sort.

Carmine had a brilliant half price offer this month which was advertised just at the right time (when the Glossybox facebook page exploded in complaints) so I took advantage of it and gave it a try and I must say I definitely was not disappointed.

Carmine seem to have a diverse range of products in each box and I even prefer their website; The website doesn’t just show you the product and direct you to the brands website like Glossybox, it also has articles and videos to show you how to use the products they send you, how to apply, how to achieve different looks, how to incorporate the product into your usual routine etc, it has a wealth of hints and tips to share which I appreciate and find useful. It makes the £12.95 seem more worth it in a way, like you’re getting more than just a box of samples.

I’m also super impressed with the delivery. I received the dispatch notice on the morning of 6th February and by that afternoon it was at my door. Now, this may be a one off as I ordered late after the main bulk of boxes had been sent out but they definitely made a good first impression.

Here is an overview of what I got, as always I will be posting individual reviews of each product as and when I use them so keep checking back! (or subscribe to get them sent straight to your e-mail)

Maybe it’s because I’m not that much of a pink girl but I even prefer the actual Carmine box to that provided by GlossyBox. The Carmine boxes are also the size and shape of a shoe box so it’s deeper and I’ll be able to reuse it more easily.

As you can see just by looking at the box contents, you get a lovely diverse range of products with Carmine.

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream: yes…another moisturiser to add to ever growing stockpile but this is also a brightening cream so I’ll probably use this one first under my make-up.

Eldora False Eyelashes: I’ve not tried false eyelashes before, I’m too paranoid about not applying them properly and then ending up with missing eyelashes on one eye during a night out or at work.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil: I kind of wish this sample was a little bigger as it does look tiny compared to everything else in the box but I’m guessing that with oils, a little goes a long way.

Westlab Himalayan Pink Salt: A bath salt that promises the same effects of a 3 day fasting detox in a 20 minute bath soak! Hmmm, intriguing! I think everyone knows by now that I love ‘lazy products’ (and food) so if this can give me a 3 day fasting detox in 20 minutes I’ll be seriously impressed and buying this salt by the truck load. 

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick: I got this in the “old gold”shade which is a lovely dark bronze colour. I wasn’t too excited about this at first as I don’t wear eyeshadow and because I’m very pale I definitely stay away from dark shadows as I look like I’m either wearing too much make-up or I have two black eyes. I’m going to give this ago though, it felt really creamy and smooth when applying it on my hand and it blended pretty easily. It’s also not too “fat” which means I could use it as a liner to achieve a thick line. It also has a metallic aspect to it which is very much on trend at the moment. Thumbs up, Carmine!

Lulu Time Bomb Cleansing Cream: This is an unexpected bonus product! At 125ml it’s a generous size to put into a sample box , I got 6 products for the price of 5 in a box that was half price anyway.

After my first Carmine box I can say that I’m 100% happy that I left GlossyBox. I’m actually excited to see what I’m getting next time as Carmine looks to contain different things each time. Everyone seems to be getting the same products (another GlossyBox complaint) and they say that they include at least one product that matches up with your beauty profile (usually something that comes in different shades like the Fat Eye Stick).

Have you switched between beauty boxes? Which do you prefer?

To get the box for yourself or read more about Carmine simply click this link:


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