GlossyBox January 2012: FAB Gentle Body Wash

This post is about a product I received in the January 2012 Valentines edition of GlossyBox.

Please note that I am not a GlossyBox blogger, nor am I one of their ambassadors. I paid the full £12.95 price to receive this box and I have not received any requests or bonus gifts  from GlossyBox to provide a favourable review.

To find out more about Glossy Box and subscribe for yourself please refer to early posts under the Get Glossy category or click here:

The Product

FAB (First Aid Beauty) Gentle Body Wash costs £10 for 226.8g (yes I know…that’s a very specific manufacturers size) and is available from Boots.

The body wash is an unscented creamy white gel which produces a white lather when used.

It’s allergy tested and free from parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants and is also free from lanolin, alcohol and phthalates which are common causes of irritation/allergies.

What They Say


A moisturizing, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin  GlossyBox website 2012

The Brand

As it’s from Boots and I’m practically living in my local store these days I’m certain that I must have walked past this brands products a thousand times but I’ve never noticed it. Maybe it’s because it gets lost amongst the prettier, brighter and girlier packaging of the brands I usually buy but I can honestly say that if this hadn’t have been sent to me I would never have known that it existed.

FAB was launched in 2009 by Lilli Gordon. The brand keeps everything simple including the ingredients which are all researched by a dermatologist to ensure that they are safe to use for all skin types.

You can shop their range by product type (cleaner, shaving foam, etc) or by skin concern (dry skin, redness, eczema etc) which I love! It makes it so much easier to find the right product for you. You can do this by looking at the brand website and then you can pick it up from Boots.

To Use

I used it just as I would use any ordinary shower gel but the specific instructions given by GlossyBox are as follows:

Using a soft cloth, sponge, or hands, apply a generous portion of the cleanser and gently massage into skin. Rinse off with warm water

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?


I am going to give this a huge 5! I used this for a specific purpose, I still have tons of the Ritual shower foam left from the christmas box so I wasn’t planning on using this any time soon but I had an allergic reaction to something today and my skin was so itchy and red and covered in hives (attractive I know). I knew I would need to wash my skin to remove the irritant but I wanted to use something gentle and unscented to reduce the risk of any further reaction and the FAB cleanser was perfect for that.

The wash is safe for sensitive skin and is used to calm redness and relieve dry itchy skin and it definitely did that for me. After washing the affected skin the redness was still noticeable but not as bright and angry looking as before, the hives disappeared within 30 minutes and my skin is not as itchy. I’ll definitely need to take an anti-histamine or put something medicated on my skin later but for now the FAB wash has taken the edge off.

I’d recommend this to anyone who has a skin condition or sensitive skin, it can be used daily and there’s really nothing in this that could cause any issues…plus I find it cheaper than some of the other brands out there that are promising gentle and calming washes for people who have eczema etc.



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