Carmine January 2012: Eldora Lashes

This post is about a product I received in my Carmine box. I was not sent this box for review by Carmine.

I paid £7.95 got this box in the half price introductory offer.  To read more about Carmine and order this box for yourself click here

The Product

Eldora lashes start from £2.99.

The pair I received are B142 which are the Natural Dense Lashes from their Dark Synthesis Range. These come in at £3.90 per pair.

What They Say

Want thicker, fuller, longer lashes – without any hassle? Well, these handmade, lightweight, high-quality false lashes may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. With over 200 styles to choose from, Eldora will certainly show you how to have fun with your lashes! The icing on the cake: all lashes are reusable and come with free adhesive. February 2012

The Brand

Eldora lashes are all hand made and come in a variety of styles from everyday looks to crazy giant, rainbow coloured creations. Not only do they sell brilliant synthetic lashes at really good prices but they also sell human hair lashes for a truly natural look which start at only £4.95. 

To check them out for yourself click here

To Use

False lashes may look high-maintenance but are incredibly easy to apply! Before you get gluing, measure the falsies against your lash line and snip off any excess length. Once you’ve got the right size, apply a thin strip of adhesive to the lash band and apply it as close to your actual lash line as possible. Once the glue is dry, use your fingers or mascara to blend your lashes together and you’re done! Eldora false lashes can be removed with make-up remover and cleaned for reuse. February 2012

If you go to the Eldora page on Carmine they have a video by Fleur de Force showing how to apply these lashes.

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?

I give these a 3. I’d prefer if the glue came in a resealable tube but the tube that came with these lashes had a twist off lid that wont go back on.

They are a little fiddly but I guess with more practice you get used to it. The lashes themselves are really long, they reached my eyebrow when I  had them on so I’m not sure where Eldora got its “natural” description. If you trim them down they do look a little…naff. But because they’re so long I did find it difficult to blend my own lashes in with them.

I applied Blink+Go Mascara to the lashes to help blend them and unfortunately on one lash, all the individual lashes clumped together. Perhaps some of the glue got onto these lashes?

Sadly, I did not enjoy the look of these lashes. I’d have loved them if they were a little shorter. I couldn’t bring myself to actually go out of the house in them, if I was dressed up and ready to on a night out then I may have stuck with them but I’m looking for something for every day and work suitable and with work make up and clothes they just look ridiculous. They were removed about 2 hours after I applied them.

To remove I pulled gently at the outer edge and peeled the lash away from my eye. Though it didn’t require that much effort to remove them I think these would have stayed glued to my eyes all day. For now they’ve been washed, reshaped and boxed and passed on to my sister.

I do like the Eldora lashes though and I may try another pair from their brand if they have any shorter.

In the meantime I’ve picked up a cheat for fuller looking lashes.

1. Coat your lashes in your usual mascara. Just one coat will do

2. Push on a little talcum powder to the lashes

3.Apply another coat of your mascara.

The talc bulks up your lashes so they look thicker an fuller!


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