Eyeko Eyeliner

This post is about a product I received in the January 2012 edition of GlossyBox.

I paid the full £12.95 retail price for this box and did not receive it for review purposes.

Please note that I am not a Glossy Box blogger nor am I one of their  ambassadors.

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The Product

Today we’re looking at the skinny eyeliner from Eyeko. I know that Eyeko has become a bit of a love it or loath it brand after they re-branded their products and put their prices up but I never really used Eyeko before so I’m not too fussed about it.

Eyeko skinny eyeliners cost £9.50 each and comes in six shades:

  • Dove Grey
  • Midnight Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Plum
  • Powder Pink and
  • Black

The pencil is topped with a long skinny silver handle which means you can use still use the pencil even when you’ve used and sharpened it down to a tiny nub.

I received this in the plum shade which really isn’t my colour but it is a nice deep purple shade.

When I can figure out where wordpress keep sending my pictures I’ll re post a pic of a swatch I did of this shade on my hand.

The Brand

Eyeko was established in 1999 by Max and Nina Leykind and as you can probably  guess by the name, Eyeko is very much focussed on eye products. The Eyeko brand takes inpiration from good ol’ rock and roll….think big lashes and smokey eyes. They are determined to deliver your favourite ‘must have’ mascara.

I haven’t used Eyeko before, I’ve seen articles about the brand in magazines such as Red and Vogue and I’ve heard the grumblings from other beauty bloggers who used their products before the big rebrand.

What They Say

“Eyeko SKINNY EYELINER Pencils for precise definition and intense colour. Line and define for long-lasting colour.The wax based, creamy formula allows for smooth application. Even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use.” Glossy Box website February 2012

How To Use

Use light strokes close to the lash line for everyday definition. Hold pencil on its side for thicker lines and a dramatic look. Smoke-out the shade by using a brush or Q-tip to blend and soften the line for an effortlessly glamourous look. Glossy Box website February 2012

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?

Hmmm, I’d give this a 3 I think.

The colour is lovely and eyeko do deliver on their promise of highly pigmented products. It’s not my colour and I probably won’t use this much but it does give me a good impression and would probably influence me when I’m thinking of buying other coloured eyeliners.

It is a really smooth to apply and it felt nice and creamy when I was applying it to my skin. I’m not sold on the durability though. I drew a line on the back of my hand and rubbed across it with my finger, one pass blended the line and made it softer but after 2 or 3 passes the liner had pretty much disappeared. I know that when the liner is on my lids it may last longer as I’m not touching them as much but I really couldn’t see this lasting through a day at work. Creamy and waxy textures tend to come off my skin easily, maybe it will last longer on different skin types?

 The handle is a nice touch but some of the cheaper brands are also catching onto the idea so I  don’t think I’d go to Eyeko again, I’d stick to the cheaper mainstream liners that I can get on my local high street.

 Eyeko seem to be popular amongst the beauty box providers so I’m sure I’ll be using more of their products anyway. In fact, I’ve got one of their Fat Sticks from Carmine so look out for that review too!


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