This post is about a product I received in the January 2012 edition of Carmine
I paid half price (£7.95) for this box in the introductory offer. I did not receive this box for review/publicity purposes.
I am aware that not all Carmine subscribers received this particular item. I received this cleanser because in between setting up the subscription and the packaging/postage of my box I earned a lot of loyalty points. I love how Carmine reward their customers! Again…so glad I left GlossyBox!
To read more about Carmine or subscribe for yourself click here. People who sign up to the service using this link usually get their box either half price or with delivery so it’s worth using!

 The Product

Lulu Time Bomb : Take-off time cleanser is available in two sizes:

60ml for £7.75 and

125ml for £12.25. As you can see in the photograph Carmine were very generous and sent me a full size 125ml bottle which covers the  price of a regular box!

What They Say

Wash away the years… As you get older, you cannot just use any cleanser. You need to do more than just take off makeup and grime. It is absolutely critical to use something that also helps to remove the dry dead surface layer of the skin that no longer sloughs off naturally. Take Off Time contains a truly unique combination of exfoliating beads and magnesium oxide crystals to gently remove the dry, dead skin cells. With every use this cleanser helps you reveal younger-looking, dewy skin and a smoother, rosier complexion. For optimum results, use morning and evening and apply with Take-Off Time Polishing Pads February 2012

The Brand

Lulu’s Time Bomb is a facial skin care range established by the Scottish singer Lulu. Lulu’s aim is to bring you products that actually work to keep your skin looking younger…and who wouldn’t want to look as good as Lulu?!

I’ve seen the brand before but as it is aimed at the more mature skin I’ve never bought anything from it. As I got a full size bottle I thought it was a shame to have it go to waste (and I always feel a bit cheeky giving anti-ageing products to family and friends!) I decided to use it. Personally I find that products designed for mature skin are a lot more moisturising and they are often a little more gentle on soft/thin or sensitive skins. Plus…you’re never too young to try and delay the signs of ageing!

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?

I give this cleanser a four!

  • It has a nice consistency, it’s not too runny but it’s not one of those thick creams that feels like it’s clogging up your pores rather than cleaning them.
  • Has a nice fresh scent and  it feels  cool on my skin which I like after a long day when I’m  feeling all gross, warm and tired!
  • This Cleanser contains small  exfoliating particles so you feel like you’re really cleaning the days  dirt away and more importantly you’re removing dead skin cells so you’re  skin looks bright and glowy; The particles aren’t that big so you’re not  going to scratch your face and I think even sensitive skins would be okay  with this one.
  • I haven’t been using this  morning and night as suggested as I really don’t think it’s necessary to exfoliate  twice a day!
  • As you massage the cleanser  into your skin it does feel ‘tackier’ but as you’re rinsing it off I don’t  really see this as a problem.

I did feel like I need to use a tiny bit of moisturiser after this, my skin didn’t feel totally dry but it didn’t feel as soft as usual though it did feel smoother.


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