Carmine Beauty Box March 2012- A note

Please click here for more information on the closure of Carmine. Do not attempt to sign up to Carmine, you will not be receiving a box.


Looking at my “Searches on You Blog” stats I can see that some of you are already eagerly anticipating the March edition of Carmine.

To save you a lot of searching around on the internet I thought it would be better to write  a quick note and let you all know that Carmine doesn’t ship until later on in the month…in fact some people are still waiting for the February box!

The March edition of Carmine will be shipped 16th March (estimated)


****Cough Cough****

I spoke to soon! I’m guessing you’re all reading this as thinking “It’s the 19th, where is my box?” You might want to check out my update. Things are changing at Carmine and although no one has a clue what’s going on and carmine are keeping very quiet I’ve written a short post on the situation so far.


Carmine are aware that they ship  late and they are aiming to improve their service.  They’ve started shipping larger quantities of boxes each time and they are planning on trying to get these shipments out earlier. Of course they can only do the best with what they’re given…they have to wait for companies to send their products and wait for all of our payments to go through …and of course Royal Mail can cause extra delays.

Carmine have stated that they didn’t expect their little company to be so popular and  as it is a fairly new company (they began in October 2011!) little problems such as delivery estimates are to be expected.

The 16th March shipping date is already an improvement  and I’m hoping that they got their hands on larger quantities of samples this time to cover the huge increase in customer orders!

To order your March box (and get free delivery) before it sells out click here

To see what I got in the February and January box just follow the links!


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