Carmine March 2012

Please click here for more information on the closure of Carmine. Do not attempt to sign up to Carmine, you will not be receiving a box.

So…..anyone know what’s happening?

Previously the “My Carmine” page showed that boxes would be dispatched on the 16th of this month but that has since change with Carmine telling their Facebook fans that an “announcement will be made soon”.

Rumours are flying around that Carmine are closing down (I hope not!) or that they’re joining up with She Said. Carmine haven’t told anyone what’s going on yet, people who have e-mailed or posted on Facebook have either just got the “you will be e-mailed soon” message or had no reply at all.

I really hope that Carmine aren’t going the same way as Feel Unique as Carmine are (in my own opinion) the best beauty box on the market.


10 thoughts on “Carmine March 2012

  1. Hi I didn’t even know anything was happening with carmine I assumed I would get my box today buy didn’t and came across your blog post what have they said? And are they still taking payments? Thanks x

    • Going off comments on the facebook page no payment at all has been taken for this month as of yet and no one really knows what’s going on. The beauty buying manager for Carmine has left the company and joined She Said which has sparked the rumour about a collaboration. As the expected dispatch date for the boxes shifted from the 16th to the 23rd I’m taking this as a sign that they’re not closing down all together.
      Carmine did post that they weren’t accepting any new subscribers from Friday 16th for the time being and that current subscribers should receive an e-mail very soon. As soon as I hear anything I’ll post an update on this blog and twitter 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! xx

      • Okay thanks for replying 🙂 hopefully they won’t go downhill if they merge with she said as carmine is by far the best beauty box so fingers crossed! I will keep checking your blog for more info 🙂 thanks again x

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  3. So following what you said last night I recieved an email from carmine saying the announcement will be made today! So keep check if your emails x

    • Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      I haven’t heard anything yet, we just got a facebook message about 4 hours ago that said they’d they would make an announcement in the next few days :/
      I hope I get this e-mail as they stopped sending me the “You scored Carmine points!” e-mails last month….hmmm.
      I checked the “She Said” facebook page just to see if there was anything about Carmine on there and they had posted a message saying that although Carmines product buyer had joined their company, Carmine and She Said were not currently joining forces.

      • Well they had told me at 11 o’clock this morning that the announcement would be made today! And it’s now half 10 at night and still nothing :/ so don’t know what their playing at.. And oh that’s not good then if they aren’t joining with she said maybe they are closing? What do you think will happen? Ah! I hate suspense wish they would just tel us! Lol x

      • lol I know. I hate all this waiting around. Well, they’ve changed the dispatch day ffrom 16th to 23rd on my account page which I ‘m taking as a sign that they’re not closing (hopefully!) I guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

      • Hey Jackie
        Not sure if you’ve heard but Carmine is no more and Glossybox is taking over their service. I am so disappointed, a lot of Carmine customers left Glossybox in the firstplace and told Carmine why so it doesn’t make any sense to me . I think I’ll follow the Carmine staff to She Said.

  4. Hey yes I heard! I couldent believe it tbh I’ve never tried glossybox but I’ve heard alot of bad reviews I’ve decided to try the first glossybox as it’s discounted and if it’s as bad as everyone says I wil unsubscribe after that and join she said to atleast see what each box is like I am gutted! Carmines gone I was really enjoying my boxes but will give glossybox a try for myself bit the likelihood is I will end up joining she said I will keep an eye out fir your reviews on she said 🙂

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