Carmine “Sold out for March”? more like Selling out completely

I am so disappointed.

Carmine have decided to end their beauty box and have “joined forces” with GlossyBox.

Carmine customers were expecting to receive their March edition box this week but no contact from the company was made at all prompting rumours that they were either closing down or joining services with She Said. Carmine would not respond to any e-mails or posts asking about what was happening.

Today existing subscribers received an e-mail which I’ve copied and posted below:

Guess what ladies! GLOSSYBOX and Carmine are officially joining forces! Yes, that’s right. Carmine has decided to pass on its services to the expertise of GLOSSYBOX to offer you a top-notch beauty box. You can find out more about GLOSSYBOX here.
Wait, what about my March box? Unfortunately you will not receive a March box from Carmine, but not to worry! You have not been charged for it and you will not incur any further payment by Carmine or GLOSSYBOX going forward (unless of course you decide to sign up for GLOSSYBOX).
An irresistible offer just for you… Yes, we know that this probably comes as a bit of a surprise. That’s why we want to give you complete control over your subscription. If you’ve enjoyed your Carmine subscription, you may want to give GLOSSYBOX a try! GLOSSYBOX is currently offering all Carmine subscribers a discount on their first box. To redeem the offer, go on this page and use the offer code GLOSSYWELCOME1 before April 1st.
If you choose not to sign-up for GLOSSYBOX, you will not receive a box or be charged by either company going forward.
Questions?If you have other questions about subscriptions, cancellations, reimbursements, loyalty points, gifts or anything else, please be sure to visit our dedicated FAQ page.
We’d like to thank you all for making the Carmine community such a success and we are happy to leave you in the good care of GLOSSYBOX, who will be sure to look after you with fabulous monthly boxes!
Roxanne from Carmine –
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I have no idea what prompted Carmine to make such a move.

I loved Carmine because

  • They provided a perfect mix of skin care and make up
  • They often provided at least one or two full sized products
  • Everyone got the same products
  • They had an awesome loyalty points scheme.
  • They had a good customer service team
  • I used and loved every product they ever sent
  • At least one item was specific to your beauty profile

 I hated GlossyBox because

  • It’s mainly skincare….far too much skin care!
  • Their boxes are extremely hit and miss.
  • They over hype their product
  • Customer service is shockingly bad
  • There are 3 different boxes each month and you have no say in which you get. The value of each box varies wildly so you may end up with a box that isn’t worth the £12.95 you paid.

Why are so many Carmine customers complaining?

I mean we’re getting a discount right?

Well that may be but many Carmine customers switched from Glossybox in the first place because of the points made above.

Carmine are well aware of our thoughts on Glossybox, after all there were tons of new customers posting on their facebook page about why they left Glossy.

I really don’t think that Carmine customers are going to like the way Glossybox operate. When Carmine had to switch two products in their February box they were inundated with complaints, I can’t really see these people switching to the glossy service where it really is a lucky dip as to which products/box you get.

This move makes no sense to me at all and in my opinion it seems that it is 100% about the money rather than looking after their customers. I would rather have had them join up with the new box service She Said and create a new, well run service than sell out to Glossybox simply because it’s more well known.

Why I’m so mad

Carmine must have known that February would be their last month of trading. They would have had to have started sourcing and buying products for their March boxes in February or even earlier so they definitely knew they weren’t continuing.

I feel they would have had a better reception if they had been upfront and honest and told it’s customers “look, we can’t carry on and February will be our last box.”

Instead they have actively sought new customers and charged new subscribers for a box they were never going to receive. I myself have referred so many of my readers, colleagues, friends etc to the service and Carmine were still accepting these new customers and  their money last week or two when they were already shutting up shop. I feel completely let down.  And I feel like I’ve inconvenienced all of my lovely readers that signed up from my blog link.

I could have found a replacement service already and had a box this month, at this late stage many other services have already released their March edition and are sold out.

Are you a Carmine customer?

If so there a few things to point out before March 30th rolls around.
  • You do not have to transfer to Glossybox. This is your money, take a look at other beauty box services. Don’t just go off the sales pitch on their websites, look at their facebook pages too to get a real idea of how they treat their customers and what they actually receive.
  • You will not automatically receive a GlossyBox. You have to subscribe on their website and if you do sign up with them you won’t get a box in March as Glossy March box came out at the beginning of the month and is sold out. You’re going to have to sign up quickly to get a box in April.
  • If you had a fix term subscription (i.e. 6 month, 12 month subscription) or were charged for March as a new subscriber then you will be reimbursed, this process has already started and will be completed by the end of this month.
  • If you ordered a gift box for someone….they aint going to get it. You’ll be reimbursed of course but you’re going to have to find an alternative gift (which sucks if you were expecting a gift this month and it’s too late to get another gift box on time).
  • The product buyer for Carmine has moved to She Said, if you liked the products then it may be worth waiting to see what She Said put out and see if it’s similar.
  • If you had enough points for a free box (50+) then you are entitled to compensation. You should receive an e-mail shortly with the following options: £5 for every 50 points, donation to charity for each free box or you can receive a box with products left over from past boxes. All choices must be confirmed by March 31st so make sure you respond to the e-mail by then. If you don’t get the e-mail you can still contact Carmine via Facebook and Twitter.

I think we should have seen this coming really.

Carmine staff have been jumping ship to She Said, the “In the Box” page was not being updated, we couldn’t review the February box and we got 3 full size products last month… service is that generous!
So now I’m the one in need of advice and opinions.
Which service do you use? Which do you think is the best one?



17 thoughts on “Carmine “Sold out for March”? more like Selling out completely

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    • Yep, me too! And basically there’s no on to contact. I asked Glossybox for any info seeing as Carmine “merged” with them but all I got back was “Glossybox did not buy or merge with Carmine” (lie number one…we all got those e-mails saying what was going on) “Carmine does not exist any more and we have no refund policy for Carmine customers.

      Feel free to e-mail Glossybox, if you put FAO Management in the subject headin they’ve said they’ll pass it on to them (although I don’t really rust Glossybox customer service staff). I plan to email them until I get an answer

    • Thanks for reblogging!
      Carmine were brilliant but I’m slightly angry that they’ve shut up shop and dissapeared without refunding people.
      And according to Glossybox management Carmine never merged or sold to any other customer as we were led to believe; GlossyBox only agreed to supply a discount code to customers who wanted to move to their service.

      • Yep me too, I keep getting “Last chance!” and “We miss you!” but they’re insisting that they had nothing to do with Carmine other than the discount code incuded in the e-mail from Carmine.

        I sent the manager the original e-mail talking about the merge, the tweets from Carmine and Glossy talking about the merge, headlines from articles about how Glossybox took over Carmine and pointed out that at no point, even when customers were talking about the “merge” on their facebook page, did any one from GB say “We haven’t merged”.

        All I got in reponse was a couple of sentences (literally…2 sentences!) saying “Sorry, Carmine’s wording was misleading. Carmine does not exist, they were not bought or merged with any company.”

        If I managed Glossybox and another company was spouting out incorrect facts I would at least put a message on the site or on facebook making sure that customers knew where they stood. It seems that GB is all about the money rather than their customers.

      • Wow that’s crazy, I’m with Glossy Box and while I love the idea, their customer service is atrocious and the boxes can be hit or miss. I think Carmine hardly had a chance to begin with as the UKI market just isn’t big enough for two sample box services.

        I wish GB would get their act together as I’m sick of all the problems with them, the April box was only dispatched yesterday and it’ll be about 3 weeks before I ever see it! Usually it’s the following month before I get the last months box 😦

      • I agree. Glossy’s customer service is the reason why so many people cancel their subscription and why so many Carmine customers were angry with the apparently imaginary merge.

        I saw the complaints about the April box. They knew the warehouse would be shut at Easter but they took payment early and rather than post before Easter they sent all orders out at the end of the month. I don’t know why shutting for 2/3 days pushed delivery back by 2 weeks, seems odd to me.
        I also thought their offer was a bit dodgy…Carmine customers were told that we couldn’t order a March box because they were completely sold out but last week (after Carmine customers had already signed up) leftover March boxes were being given away for free to new subcribers with the April box, seems like they just didn’t want Carmine customers to get the special edition.

        I admit that I ordered an April box because I had a gift code to claim but I haven’t had a dispatch notice yet so it’s going to be May before I actually get my order. I’ve learnt my lesson with Glossy, from now on I’ll only order individual boxes from them once I know what’s in the box and I’m sure that they aren’t having any more payment/account problems.

      • a friend an I are both subbed to glossy & you can’t imagine the trouble we’ve had. double charged, triple charged, no boxes delivered, weeks late, sub cancelled, then double re subbed& random calls to say there’s was a strange issue with postage to Ireland & it would be delayed.

        I can’t believe the stuff you’ve said just there about the free boxes etc – same here we’ve been flat out lied to a few times & it’s so bad for a start up company to behave like that.

        Also this whole idea that the warehouse thing caused the massive delay is ridic, obviously they frequently have trouble getting in all the samples & that’s what causes the huge delays & lies. I think the business model was flawed from day one if they didn’t have enough existing relationships to get the first couple of years running smoothly and the worst part is people really love the idea of the service they just execute it so badly!

      • I used to subscribe but with the problems they have with taking the payment, delivery issues, the fact that the different values of the box variations it all just seems a bit shambolic. If they had good customer service then you could perhaps let them off a little bit but the fact that they refuse to ackowledge the fact that they have major issues just puts me off the idea of subscribing properly again.

        The whole “We’ll be using beauty profiles soon” lie is getting a bit boring too. They’ve been saying that since they started business and yet people are still getting products that aren’t suitable for them. I remember one girl got a box filled with things she was allergic to and GBs response was that it was the luck of the draw, she could either swap the items on one of the facebook swap pages or buy another box.

        I just feel like they don’t actually care about the customers, they’re just out for the money.

      • I completely agree 😦 and like you said the beauty profile is a total sham, I often get stuff that’s totally unsuitable for me

  3. I’ve just unsubscribed from GB as I was sick of getting products that weren’t suitable for me. I was looking into signing up for Carmine and just read this. Is there anyother decent beauty boxes around?

    • Yes, that’s one of the major issues with Glossybox and why I only order individual boxes once I know what the contents are. As for other boxes? She Said started quite recently and the product buyer from Carmine has joined them so if you’d seen things you liked from Carmine I would give them a go. If you have sensitive skin or skin that maybe reacts to the more chemical filled products I have heard good things about Amarya Beauty Box which consists of natural and organic products. There’s also the establish Jolie/Boudoir Prive box. I’ve heard of a “Lux” box that is brand new company, they do boxes for men and women but looking at their site I can’t seem to see if they’ve actually put a box out yet or what brands they buy from…I’d look for customer reviews on facebook etc before considering that one.

      Personally, I like boxes that have a good mix of make-up and skin products which is what Carmine provided so I’m interested in She Said. Glossybox tend to send super tiny make-up samples when they actually include make-up or a nail polish which I won’t be able to use if I do start work as a nurse. I quite liked the look of the past two She Said box so if I were to start a regular subscription again I’d go with them.

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