No posts this weekend + Sports Relief

There will most likely be no posts this weekend because I’ll be working all week during the mid season sale.

The next blog post will be about the Balance Me Face Balm

Don’t forget that the blog sale is still going on and will probably be extended to next weekend due to the mid season sale in store.

You can leave messages on the blog and/or tweet me as I’ll still be checking in everyday.


It’s Sport Relief this weekend.

If you’re running in any of the events on Sunday I wish you lots of luck and hope that the weather truly does stay lovely and bright.

There are tons of ways to donate to Sports Relief. Just £5 will pay for a vaccine which will save the lives of children in places such as Africa where a child dies approximately every 20 seconds from a disease that is entirely preventable.

Donations also get put to use in the U.K for schemes such as those that help people affected from mental illness, those that know me personally know that this is a big issue for me and more needs to be done to help.

Click here for the sports relief site.

Any amount helps and it’s super easy to donate. You can donate by text and by Paypal so you don’t even need to get up and get your bank card out of your bag.


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