Balance Me: Super Moisturising Body Wash

This post is about the Super Moisturising Body Wash that I received in the final edition of Carmine Beauty Box.

I was not employed by Carmine and I was not one of their ambassadors but I did receive this box for free by cashing in loyalty points.

To see what else I received in the final Carmine box click here.

The Product

Super Moisturising Body Wash from Balance Me. Carmine customers received a 125ml bottle worth £8.00.

This wash is also available in a 260ml bottle for £12.25.

What They Say

A soothing, smoothing and dry-skin protecting creamy naturally foaming body wash is blended with rich natural moisturisers including shea butter, benzoin, yarrow and patchouli to encourage long lasting softness and suppleness Balance Me April 2012

I’m going to leave out the brand information and natural ingredient information as I’ve reviewed that many Balance Me products lately that I feel I’m just constantly repeating myself. If this is the first time you are visiting my blog (hello!) then you can find my opinions of Balance Me on every other product review I’ve done on them or you can click any of my links to their store.

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest, five the highest) how much did you enjoy using this product?

I am going to give this a 4.5.

The first thing  I did was flip the lid and have a little sniff and I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan of this at the beginning. It smelt really strong and you can smell the yarrow and patchouli. This initial scent is the reason I knocked 1/2 a mark off.

I then used a tiny amount on a Shower Lily and my opinion completely changed, out of the bottle and on your skin the smell is absolutely beautiful. There is a really nice, thick lather and it really does leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and ultra moisturised.  With summer coming up and the reintroduction of sleeveless, backless dresses and shorts etc into my wardrobe I really like to feel like my skin is at it’s best and this wash certainly helps with that.

So, I used the wash, liked it and thought “that’s that, tried and tested”  and then disaster struck. A few days ago my shower broke in spectacular fashion…sparks, fire, scalding hot water the works. I’m now stuck with just a bath and as I usually avoid the bath like the plague (hot baths make me feel ill) I didn’t have any bath foam etc. I remembered talking to a friend about how she used her Rituals shower mousse as bubble bath and decided to see if the Balance Me body wash would foam up in the same way.

I poured a small amount of the body wash under the running tap and the bath was instantly full with rich, creamy bubbles and the entire room smelt amazing. I  also found that the scent of the body wash also stayed on my skin for longer after I dried off than it did when I was just using it on a shower puff.

I must admit that I did find this body wash a little too runny; I’m used to thicker gels and mousse but this just runs straight out of the tube as soon as you flip the lid so I suggest you open it with the lid facing upwards and pour it out with a light hand so you don’t accidentally use half the bottle in one go.

Would I buy this?

The consistency is pretty much the only thing I don’t really like about this and it’s really not enough to put me off buying another bottle.

It is definitely on my list of favourites.

To read more about this product or to buy it for yourself just click here

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