Design Solutions: Jubilee inspired homeware

This is a post for the Next Blogger Network.

This week the Next Blogger Network has set us an interior design challenge: Write a post on how you would theme a lounge for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

I’ve never really had chance to decorate my own home before as I’ve always either lived with my parents or at a rented Uni house but I’m slowly taking over my dad’s house by replacing the things he’s had for decades with newer things from the Next Homeware Collection.

This challenge appealed to me because I instantly thought of union jack patterns and lots of beautiful blues and reds etc but it is something that is easy to get carried away with.

My intention is to keep things simple, add in a couple of things that make you think “Britain” but stop before you reach the “throwing a street party in my living room” level.

I’m basing my choices off my own living room which at the moment has cream walls, cream sofas with pale wooden floors and woodwork.

Here are my picks from the Next Homeware collection



My lounge includes a little off shoot that we use as a hall way, it get’s a lot of traffic so I’d put down this doormat (£12). It introduces the theme before you get into the room proper.


My sofas each have five cushions , 3 plain white and 2 patterned cream coloured so during the celebrations I would replace the patterned cushions with these bunting themed ones. Nothing says British Celebration more than bunting!

If you’re not a fan of the union jack theme then you could also opt for something like this:

It has the blue red and white colours which nod towards celebrating Queen and country without the obvious flag design.

Art Work

My final touch for the lounge would be to add a little colour onto the walls.

My first choice would be the “Garden Party Prints”. Again, they feature the blue, white and red colour scheme and images of tea, cakes and bunting.

If you want something a little more obvious then Next are also offering this Wooden Union Jack.


I hope you like my suggestions. They are only small little additions to your existing theme as I don’t want to cram the room full of things and go overboard. You definitely can have too much of a good thing!

You don’t have to keep the theme to one room, there are tons more ideas on the Next website ranging from Union Jack chests, rugs, kitchen ware, lighting and clothing. There’s some really lovely wooden bunting and garden decorations that I’ve got my eye on, hopefully we’ll have good weather!

And as a cheeky little extra I’ll also be buying a pair of Kinky Knickers. Pretty lace underwear fully produced and manufactured in Britain with a little note included in the vintage inspired box to remind you to “Love Your Country!”

I hope you all enjoy the celebrations this summer regardless of whether you’ll be participating or not.

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P.O.S codes for items featured in this post in order of appearance:

Union Jack Door Mat £12: 818-948-X49

Bunting Cushion £14 828-922-X49

Kirstie Allsop Heart Cushion £25 367-608-G70

Garden Party Prints £60 834-345-G37

Wooden Union Jack £50 835-581-G37

Kinky Knickers available in Liberty, Boots and Asos.


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