Lust List: Ballerina Flats

Ah! Completely got my days mixed up! .

Thanks to the bank holiday etc I was fully convinced that today was Tuesday. This Lust List post was supposed to go out yesterday. Sorry!

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I’m going away to France this summer and down to London in late August and I’m planning to do a lt of walking around cities.  I’m not a flip flop kind of girl and I’m definitely not the kind to spend an entire day in heels so for my trips I’ll be packing ballerina flats.

These days you can get flats in all colours, designs, patterns in fact sometimes it seems designers put moe detail into their flats than their heels.

Here are some that I’ve come across on the internet that have made their way onto this weeks Lust List.

Lust List: Ballerina Flats

I tend to wear quite nautical themed outfits when I’m in France so the top row features flat that would fit in perfectly with that style.

The second row features printed flats. Tribal, animal and geometric prints are huge this season!

Finally, nude and tan flats can go with anything. I could chuck these on with jeans, with a summer dress or wear them to work. Everyone needs a pair of nude flats!

Oasis flat shoes
$60 –

Oasis leather shoes
$65 –

Miu miu flat
$495 –

Oasis leather flat
$60 –

Missoni flat

Timeless beaded shoes
£23 –

Jane Norman leopard shoes
£10 –

Bow shoes
£20 –


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