Special Offer -Argan Oil

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I went to see my family in France and then got caught up in the hectic sale prep at work.

But I’m back and for my first post I have a special offer for you all!
SPECIAL OFFER – 10% OFF a 100ml Bottle of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil


I think mosst of us have because dedicated oil users by now and what used to be a niche product has become so popular that high street brands are even getting in on the action.

Personally I use Pure Argan Oil which has more uses than the specific “Hair oil” that most places sell.

Pure Argan oil can be used on your skin as a moisturiser, to reduce stretch marks and blemishes and as an anti-ageing product. You can use it to condition your hair, smooth and to add shine..it really is one of those lazy “one bottle does all” products that I love so much. Perfect for taking on holiday with you or to festivals!

What’s better? When you use the link above you get 100% pure Argan oil, it’s ethically produced and every purchase contributes to the Marocavie Association which aims to help support the Argan communities in Southwest Morocco.


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