PR information

This blog is PR friendly.

If you are a company looking for someone to test or write a review for any product and/or you want to publicise or advertise a promotion please contact me at any of the e-mail addresses before:

All reviews will be honest and thorough.

 All enquiries should be directed to Hayley L.B. at any of the e-mail addresses above with the words “PR ENQUIRIES” in the subject header so it can be clearly identified.

Here are my rules/standards for working with PR firms:

  1. I will respond to any and all written communication quickly and efficiently
  2. I will work to time frames or deadlines (within reason)
  3. I will review and upload a post for all samples/products that you send to me unless I have not been able to use the product (skin reaction, health reasons etc)
  4. A copy of my posts will be sent to you via e-mail or post if you prefer.
  5. All posts will be honest and balanced.
  6. You will be invited to write/send over an introduction/ ‘sales pitch’ about the product to include in the published post.
  7. I will be happy to include any information you send to me for giveaways or promotions in all posts I write for you.

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